September 27, 2006


It is very sad to hear that a 20-year old boy died under unknown circumstances in the Bahamas. Officials immediate reaction was to get this issue solved. But is this the fact that Anna Nicole Smith is a celebrity? Because she has such notoriety the Bahamas are under the scope--trying to salvage their tourism. They compare it to the Aruba debacle. They admittedly said they didn’t want another Aruba situation. Doesn’t that suggest that the boycott is working and the word Aruba infers a bad connotation?

However, I wonder if Natalee went missing in the Bahamas, would that have made a difference? Would they have blown the case off like the ALE did? I wonder if the Bahamas would have treated Natalee’s case as important as Anna Nicole Smith’s son.

I hope so. Maybe there are people out there with consciences. The ones that don’t probably live in Aruba.


Anonymous said...

You can expect the Dutch Police going to make a even bigger cover-up of the Aruban Police cover-up corruption of Joran's lies and murders to exonerate Joran their poster boy. Aruban Boycott is the only option that the American people have to punish the tiny Aruba nation, and bring Natalee home.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Congress has focused on the investigation of the corruption activities going on now in Aruba. The new shaky casions constructions money laundering in Aruba is troubling. Where would the money go? To the al-Qaeda terrorists? They don't really trust the Dutch legal system down there. Citgo Boycott is the first directive. The next idea is to have the IRS to audit every federal tax returns related to Aruba. Some members of the Congress do feel that way by jumping at Aruba is a good way to pump up their upcoming November elections.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing now hinges on China. The CTC insists Holland to arrest Joran, or no deal!