September 08, 2006


(Source)--The mother of missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway said Wednesday that Dutch officials are better prepared than those in Aruba to look into her daughter's disappearance more than a year ago.

"With their professionalism and expertise, they could certainly help provide some answers," Beth Holloway Twitty said after speaking at Judson College. "I have met with Dutch officials, and they were dedicated to Natalee's case."

Twitty has been speaking to groups across the country, urging young people like the students enrolled in Judson College to exercise caution whenever they travel. She told faculty, students and Marion residents that she will "continue to seek justice for Natalee."

Students at Alabama's only all-female college listened attentively to Twitty, especially when she told them about the importance of faith when confronting difficulties. She also signed copies of "For Natalee," a book about her daughter who planned to enroll at the University of Alabama last year. Proceeds from the $20 book are used to support the International Safe Travels Foundation and the Natalee Holloway Trust Fund.

Robin Salter, 19, of Demopolis was in tears as she talked about Holloway, a girl her age who did not return from her senior class trip. She said she and 19 other Demopolis High School classmates were in Cancun, Mexico, on a similar trip when she learned of Holloway's disappearance."Before I left, my mother told me to stay with my friends and to never go anywhere by myself," said Salter, who began to cry. "This really upsets me."

Twitty, who is Methodist, told students at the Baptist-supported college, that she has been overwhelmed by support from churches and synagogues across the country. She said she has worn a Star of David given to her by Jewish supporters and has many letters from various Christian denominations."I don't know where she is, and I don't know if she's alive... but my quest to find out what happened to Natalee isn't over yet," Twitty said.


Deb357 said...

God bless you Beth!

You are saving other lives. I am so glad someone cares about all the other young adults welfare while they travel abroad. Thank you Beth, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beth is helping other young women. And hurting aruba's tourism. After listening to Beth's story. No one will travel to Aruba again.