September 08, 2006


Tales From a Road Warrior

(Source)--David Meerman Scott, a Lexington online marketing company owner and author, was a gold-level frequent flyer on three airlines simultaneously when based in East Asia in the 1990s, but now travels ``just" 50,000 miles a year.

...Peeve: One that drives me up the wall is noise. Other than the required security announcement, I don't think airlines should ever broadcast anything over their PA systems. I had an early-morning hour-long flight the other day to Philadelphia, and US Airways in the middle of the flight interrupted all of us to run some TV commercial: ``Guess what? We fly to Aruba!"

To wake me up halfway through the flight to tell me they fly to Aruba is just the most outrageous form of rudeness I can imagine!


Deb357 said...

If I were all the passengers I would of complained and said, "who cares about Aruba".

I can't imagine the money Aruba tourism is spending to try and promoting their sick little island. They should be spending it on getting all the drug dealers off their streets, manning more able police and train them better. Patrol the beaches better both day and night to protect their tourist from predators who may advance against women or to steal from tourist. They need to fine all the bars and casino's one big hefty fine for allowing underage drinking, or underage to enter their bars after a certain hour and make sure no more date rape drugs were put into drinks. If they want more tourist they have to better protect them and all health risk Aruba puts them at.

And above else, FIND NATALEE!

Anonymous said...

A bluejet pilot was on cellphone walking and talking to his flight attendant girlfriend. "I love you, why you cry, Aruba is as wealthy as Arabia. I will never pick a wrong runway from Aruba, even if the dutch controller sucks!"

Anonymous said...

Good post Deb. I was gonna say basically the same thing