September 08, 2006


CURACAO/THE HAGUE – From the advice of the Council of State, which is the highest advisory panel of the Dutch government, it appears that the objected bill of minister Rita Verdonk (VVD) for sending Antillean youngsters back to the Antilles, is in violation of the European legislation and the European Treaty for the Human Rights (EVRM). “The Council of State that gives advice on the bills, urgently advices the cabinet not to submit this bill in this form to the Lower House”, stated the Dutch evening paper NRC today.

The NRC says that according to the Council, differentiate native Dutch citizens from Antillean and Aruban citizens with the Dutch nationality is improper. “If the law is enacted, there would also be a difference between Antilleans and not-Dutch citizens from other European Union-countries or foreigners with a legal residence status. These cannot be sent back."

The return-policy is also hardly effective, since returned Antillean citizens can return to the Netherlands via another member country of the EU; according to the common law, the Netherlands is required to admit her own citizens at the border, reports NRC.

Several Dutch media reported the Council of State’s advice regarding admittance- and deportation regulation of Rita Verdonk (Immigration Affairs, VVD) today. The advice that is confidential and was sent to the minister on September 1st, got out.

...According to the advice, young Antilleans and Arubans may be returned when there is mention of ‘obvious social undesirable behaviour’ and that the Netherlands must support the relief of the returned youngsters in the Antilles.


Deb357 said...

Anyone want to call NAACP International in on this? I bet they would set them straight on their Human Rights. NL a racist country? Who'd a thought!
(sarcasm inserted)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Un friggin believable!!!