September 08, 2006


I wonder what his ties to Aruba are?
Hiding assets? Illegal money laundering?
One can only imagine...

Former Massachusetts
Representative Christopher P. Asselin

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. The Springfield Housing Authority expects to get more than four million dollars back from defendants who have admitted stealing from the agency over a decade.

The agency manages projects that shelter about five thousand poor and elderly people. Officials say the money will go back where it belonged in the first place...for new kitchens, new roofs, and other construction.

Four of a dozen defendants in the corruption case have agreed to sign over cash and property that will be sold off by the U-S Marshals Service. Among the holdings: six houses and a
timeshare in Aruba.

Former state representative Christopher P. Asselin yesterday was the fifth member of his family to plead guilty to looting millions from housing authority that his father -- Raymond B. Asselin -- ran for more than 30 years.


Anonymous said...

It is just the tip of the corruption landfill involving the the Aruban government and the Boston and New York city officials. The Aruban timeshares were incorporated to default the Federal government taxations and money laundering. The timeshare scheme and scam works out under the Dutch law that you can buy a room in a hotel as your secondary home, and then you can share your room with the American tourists without having to pay tax on the expenses you charge to the American tourists. The American tourists have to pay all the charges with American dollars cash. By the end of the year, the American tourists can recover the leftover money from their accounts. The American tourists would normally deposit millions of dollars into a room account. This is an outlandish form of money laundering! The Aruabn government are guilty of defaulting our United States goverment! Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

Great job as always Michelle

Anonymous said...

The Aruba government had decided yesterday in the AHTA conference to announce the new tourism revitalization program. 50% of the timeshares in the hotels will be given a certificate to allow them to sell prostitutions in open market. And the prostitute tax will go directly into the Aruban Central Bank accounts, instead of going to the Queen's treasury. The Queen is very upset, for she is the mother of all the prostitutes in the Kingdom. The Queen will give Nelson Oduber an ugly look when she visits Aruba in October.

dennisintn said...

the govt. needs to move that timeshare immediately, before they have to pay somebody to take it off their hands.

Anonymous said...

The Queen says in the parliament to the lawmaker members, people pay more for less. She supports the new child porn industry in Aruba. However, Aruba must pay up the sales taxation tribute to the kingdom, or else the Dutch police will arrest Nelson Ouduber for treason for being anti-Queen.

dennisintn said...

just had a better idea. use the timeshare to house some of the f.b.i. agents that will take over the case if the dutch declare it unsolvable.

Mr. Justice said...

He should have felt right at home!