September 14, 2006


What an asinine way to teach students about drinking and driving.
Maybe he should show things like this:

Dutch Scientist Teaches Young To Drink And Drive

Holland (AHN)
- A Dutch scientist is experimenting with a new way to discourage (discourage? Don't you mean teach?) drivers from drinking and driving. He teaches young people to drink and drive on a racing track.

Karel Brookhuis, professor at the University of Groningen, said the aim of his experiment is to dissuade his "students" from drunk driving for real. And according to him he's getting positive results from his studies. He told Het Laatste Niuews that he gives the special course to young people taking driving lessons in his home town of Emmen.

Students were allowed to drink alcohol until they reached the legal limit. After reaching the limit of intoxication, they were told to go to the track where they attempted a slalom course, parking and an emergency stop. He said that in the ten years he has been conducting the special course, not a single person has succeeded in accomplishing the tasks. He said, "But at the same time they realized it is impossible to drive properly once they had drunk alcohol.

Youngsters who took the drink driving test were not likely to attempt to drink and drive in their later life." Survey showed that young people who took the alcohol test were six times less likely to be later caught for drink driving. An average of 160 students enlist for Brookhuis test in Emmen annually. It is his hope he can extend the test nationwide.

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Anonymous said...

besides drinking, the Dutch youngsters can dope the driving test examiner with roovies. The teenager blonde pretended to be air sick when her boyfrind was driving dangerously and failing to stop at traffic light. The examiner crawled into the backseat and found the girl was spreading her legs. So the driving test examiner reached and beyond the legal limit, and let the boy passed the driving test. In Amtersdam, the drunk driving and fatal auto accidents are the highest in the nation.