September 13, 2006


307,473 Dutch-origin Ecstasy Pills Seized

A total of 307,473 Dutch-origin ecstasy pills have been seized in an operation carried out by narcotics police in Istanbul. Acting on a tip-off relating to ecstasy pills being brought into Turkey from Europe in exchange for heroin traveling in the opposite direction, Istanbul narcotics branch police commenced surveillance operations on the gang in question.

Narcotics police swooped on members of the drugs ring as they swapped samples of their illegal merchandise in Freedom Square in the Istanbul suburb of Bakirkoy. Acting on information received from the detained suspects, police then carried out a raid on a house in the western Istanbul suburb of Buyukcekmece which was being used as a depot by the gang.

A total of 307,473 ecstasy pills were found stored in a fridge in the house, and 9 people were detained for questioning. Istanbul police officials, stating that they had seized around 350,000 ecstasy pills in operations over the last twelve months, said that the latest seizure nearly equaled that total.

In their annual report for 2005, the Turkish Security Authorities announced that during the course of 2005 they seized 6,663 kg of heroin, 140 kg of morphine base, 34 kg of opium, 6,002 kg of hashish, 40 kg of cocaine, 1,228,750 captagon pills, and 5,760,819 ecstasy pills.

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