September 13, 2006


By Mark Hutcherson

A few years back there was a movie staring Michael Douglas called, “The Perfect Murder”. In this movie, the husband played by Douglas hired a man who was having an affair with his wife to kill her. While this movie was fiction, I wonder how many people have somehow planned out a perfect murder and I wonder if the death of Natalee Holloway in Aruba will someday be classified as one of those perfect murders?

Sometimes a perfect murder isn’t planned that way, but turns out that way because of bad police work and prosecutors that don’t do their job properly. Since the disappearance of Natalee Holloway over a year ago all kinds of speculation has been put forward about her disappearance in Aruba on her senior trip.

The unfortunate truth is that Holloway was probably a fun loving teenager who found herself in the company of some evil minded young men who had a goal of taking advantage of her. More than likely something got out of hand and she was killed either by accident or on purpose.

My thinking is that Natalee was like many other young women in a similar situation and was drinking more than she would normally do. However, these young men who had a plan to take advantage of someone that night were probably drinking less and had evil intentions in their heart before they ever left home. This type of activity has gone on for years in places all around that world and most folks in the media don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

Then there is the island nation of Aruba whose very survival depends on tourist traffic to its shores. When I think about the police in Aruba, my mind goes back to a movie I saw years ago called, “Jaws”. In that movie local officials were so concerned about losing money during their main tourist season that they put pressure on law enforcement officials to look the other way even when faced with grave danger.

In the first few weeks after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway I believe local government officials in Aruba adopted this same type of attitude and they mistakenly thought that the disappearance of Holloway would fade from public view in short order.

However, authorities in Aruba forgot about Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty, and they also forgot that a parent would not give up so easily when it was their own flesh and blood who was missing.

When I think back on this case now, I believe it is more likely than not that Natalee’s death was an accident that occurred when some young men were trying to take advantage of a young women who had too much to drink and at some point she decided to fight back against her attackers and lost her life. While these young men probably never left home that night with the desire to commit murder, in the end that is exactly what happened.

While the alleged actions of these young men is despicable, the real tragedy happened when older adults decided that is was in their own best interest to ignore what really happened that night and try and “white wash” the whole deal with a murder cover-up. I believe that in time most of the facts of what happened that night in Aruba will come into the light of day and most likely when that happens the real events of that night will be exposed by one of the boys involved because time does have a way of working its magic on the souls of most people, given the benefit of time.


Anonymous said...

There is no perfect murder in the eyes of the new China policy and laws. What you said can be used against you, when you lying to the police, you go to jail. Simple is that. The old Dutch system is backward and corrupt coveted by the greedy judges. They are in no way of capable to handle the modern criminals like Joran and Paulus gangsters. Just a warning, Venezuela is pro China. Words have been given by the China Trading Company to the Venezulan agents in Aruba to keep a close eye and ear to the activities of the whole Sloot families. The Chinese justice don't believe the perfect murder like the Dutch do. China again emphazied the Joran affair is the major roadblock to the on going developement of the China Aruban Gateway world trade. A blatant and cruel murder coverup of an young American tourist girl cannot be tolerated by China on their Aruban lease.

Auntiem said...

The perfect murder, I think NOT!!! When you have an entire country, the police, Prime Minister, Tourism industry, evil parents who have been covering up since early on in a young person's life of criminal activities, who have shown that they themselves do not even choose to live under the same roof as their sociopathic son, when all these adults are covering up for this, to say the least "disturbed" young man, this is not a perfect crime, nor in any way is it an "unsolved murder". It was solved soon after Beth Twitty set foot on Aruban soil, that is how "Imperfect", how "Obvious" and "In your face" this crime was and remains, yet it is going unresolved (not unsolved) and unpunished. Thanks to the mother of Natalee Holloway we ALL are well aware of who the guilty party is in this crime, but are forced to sit and watch as he and his country go on in their daily lives, untouched, unscathed and unpunished. Only through the Boycott is some satisfaction, some punishment being realized. And their pleas and protestations can and will be received by the same type of "deaf ears" as the Family of Natalee Holloway's pleas for their beloved child's return. We do not HEAR you Aruba, we will not see you and you will not see us. This is your punishment, justly deserved for not hearing the pleas of Natalee's parents. Does the punishment fit the crime? Not by a long shot!!!! All the money in the world will never replace a life, the life of Natalee Holloway nor ease the pain suffered and to be suffered til the dying days of her parents!!!!! But, unfortunately, at this point in time, this is all we've got. And any way we are able to dole out consequences to you, for what you have done and continue to perpetrate on this suffering family, we will..... that is a PROMISE!!! That IS waht you will see and hear from us!!!!

dennisintn said...

it isn't a perfect crime by a long shot. it's just an unpunished crime.