September 13, 2006


(Source)--Who-ever gave the powers-that-be the brilliant idea to open a homeless and druggies shelter in the middle of the downtown Oranjestad shopping district?

Anyway, since over a year, it is there, and the accompanying nuisance is, too! The homeless, so-called ‘chollers’ can get a meal, a shower and a place to sleep in the shelter, situated on the parking lot close to the main shopping street, but they congregate here during the day, too, begging for handouts, breaking into parked cars, and just generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Their presence has made a shopping trip to the main street a far less pleasurable experience for both tourist and local, and has even lead to many businesses moving to the safer malls outside of the city center. Don’t park your car in the parking lot near the shelter (the green building with Hotel Central written on it) and ignore the ‘chollers’ if they approach you.

When ignored they’re generally quite harmless (lots of them aren’t even drug addicts but mental patients who have gone untreated). Parking your car in the large parking lot close to the (large pink wedding cake) Royal Plaza Mall behind the bus station is a better idea (though a bit of a walk).


Anonymous said...

Aruba is an ideal paradise for druggies and homeless people. Holland has cold brutal winters, but Aruba is warm and lazy. The increasing homeless druggies population have a serious social cost on Aruba's tourism. It generates more rapists and robbers. For that part, the homeless housing in Oranjesta drives the tourists away. It is a very wrong move. The Aruban government should find them jobs supporting themselves, instead of keep giving the homeless people the drugs to keep them content.

dennisintn said...

move the shelter away from the piers and other tourist hangouts?
make it harder for the druggies to prey on the unsuspecting tourists? what kind of thinking is that? you must be a real nut or something.