September 19, 2006


I am a PROUD AMERICAN. Obviously the Dutch can't say that for themselves.

THE HAGUE, 19/09/06
- The Dutch are gloomy about the social climate in their country. They are particularly worried about insecurity on the street and in other public places, according to a poll by Newcom Research & Consultancy.

Nearly seven in 10 (68 percent) of those polled consider the social climate in the country has deteriorated in the past three years. Additionally, 52 percent expect it to worsen further in the next three years. Respondents are most worried about safety on the street (47 percent), the different cultures in society (43 percent), the quality of education (43 percent) and integration of minorities (41 percent). They are least concerned about alcohol abuse (16 percent) and natural disasters (12 percent).

With an eye to upcoming elections, respondents were asked what they considered the political parties find important subjects. Healthcare and social facilities were most often named in this connection (72 and 64 percent respectively). The least important subjects are sports and defence (8 and 5 percent respectively).

Less than half (47 percent) are in general proud of the Netherlands. The Dutch are relatively proud of the Dutch flag (55 percent), the national anthem (45 percent) and the royal family (42 percent). They are less proud of the Netherlands' role in Europe (33 percent), the way in which people in the Netherlands treat each other (22 percent) and domestic politics in general (14 percent). The way in which foreign policy is conducted also garners little pride (17 percent). The online survey was carried out in July among 1,929 panellists. The group comprises a representative sample of the Dutch population aged 18 to 65.

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dennisintn said...

lmao, i'd love to see the results of this poll if taken on aruba, the happy island. wait, i forgot it's aruba, you'd never get the real figures anyway. even if they actually got around to completing the survey anyway.