September 18, 2006


Well Aruba, this is just another "Oops, I did it again", isn't it? I guess this is the way all tourists are treated. Robbed, raped, drugged, assaulted...did I leave anything out?

ORANJESTAD(AAN) A public worker that in his spare time works at a night club is now under arrest for heavy battery against a tourist who had to be taken to a hospital after the beating. The public employee goes by the last name F. Contrary to Holland, where an Aruban died as a result of mistreatment by various bouncers, this one in Aruba is under arrest for the act that he committed. What happened exactly we do not know, but the public employee is in prison and will probably lose his job (probably? Good lord...). It seems that the tourist had to be interned in the hospital for the beating that he received. Detectives on this case arrested the suspect while the tourist has already left for his country. (Their dream tourist crime...the victimized tourist leaves the country. I hope this man receives his justice!)

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Anonymous said...

This beaten tourist was raped by the Oranjestad bouncer. She works for the NYC Supreme Court handling the discharge of Joran's Civil Trial. I guessed the government employee learns a hard lession that the Dutch Arubans are not to be trusted. They should never been favored with the Non Convenience Forum.