September 18, 2006


(Source)--Politics...... The story is that Rudy Croes as minister of justice signed for these 3 ladies to work in Aruba, but the scandal is that another member of the same political list was the employer, apparently.... and he asked for these ladies to have sexual relations with him. They say that as they refused they didn't get any payments anymore.

It is election time in Aruba so you will hear more about such dirty stories in all directions, bashing the politics and their families every day....

Rudy Gets Death Threat

(Source) January 10th 2005, ARUBA--The Minister of Justice Rudy Croes has again received death threats at his address. The Minister is now surrounded by a group of security officers. Police Chief Ronny Bernadina has confirmed that the Minister has received serious death threats recently, reason for the increase security.

There is an ongoing investigation in so to catch those behind the death threats said Bernadina. In the past the Minister of Justice has received death threats related to his stringent immigration policy, the fierce fight against illegals and drug trafficking on the island.

From the Amigoe Newspaper, we read that Jossy Mansur's newspaper has brought claims of fraud against Minister for Justice Rudy Croes:

ORANJESTAD — The AVP wants the District Attorney to investigate the alleged irregularities by Justice minister Rudy Croes (MEP). According to the AVP there are more than enough indications that the minister and his colleagues have committed possible misdemeanors, which is why the fraction of the green party handed a letter to the DA yesterday.

In the letter, directed to the Attorney General Theresa Croes-Fernandes Pedra the AVP writes: “As you already know we informed the DA in the last mentioned case of the corruptive practices within the Ministry of Justice and the DINA. We have also reported a felony committed by the minister of Justice, H.R. (Rudy) Croes. You however concluded in said case, without even investigating the matter apparently as the ladies in question were not even interrogated, that there was no just cause for a criminal investigation.”

The AVP fraction refers to the letter by the Dutch ministers Ben Bot of Foreign Affairs, Rita Verdonk of Foreign Affairs and Integration, and Alexander Pechthold of Governmental Reform and Kingdom relations dated September 9 to the Governor of Aruba.

In said letter the three Dutch ministers request the Governor of Aruba to start an investigation into the “issuance of stay permits” and “the degree in which the minister of Justice makes use of his discretionary authority with the allowance and admittance of foreigners, as this would in fact eradicate the visa duty. The articles in the Diario published two checks. The first one is signed by ‘Aruba Tigers Org. a/o Oslin Quijada’ for an amount of 5,000 florins. The article identifies the beneficiary of this check as a government official who works at the bureau of the minister of Justice, according to Diario the right hand and advisor of the minister of Justice.

A second check was for 2,500 florins and was made out to Fundacion Pro Rudy Croes. According to both articles the checks were made to fix permits. Allegedly coordinators and campaign co-workers of the minister, Juan Lopez and Edward Croes, stipulated payments from companies to handle and grant work and stay-permits.

Furthermore a businessman stated last week in a radio-broadcast that during a personal conversation with Rudy Croes concerning a work and stay-permit for personnel in his company, he was referred to Croes’ cousin Edward Croes. In a conversation with this Edward Croes the businessman was informed that he would have to contribute to the minister’s campaign in order to obtain the permits he had requested. The businessman consequently adhered to this condition. According to the businessman several other members of the minister’s bureau also had to be paid off in order to obtain other types of permits.

The AVP believes the articles and radio broadcast are indications of felonies committed by Croes and his co-workers. The party urges the DA to start a criminal investigation. The party wants to know from the attorney general if the articles and radio transcripts delivered by them is enough to start a criminal investigation.

Comment: Jossy is exposing some of the Croes' dirty laundry for what I suspect is their hindrance in the Natalee Holloway case.


Deb357 said...

Jossy is a rock to be recond with. He won't budge nor will he allow anyone to push him around. He's rock solid and stands his ground.

I applaud you Mr. Jossy Mansur.

Anonymous said...

Like JetBlue yesterday, Rudy Croes is being watered down badly by the local island indigious grassroots Boycoot Oduber Movement people. Rudy is the new Minister for Justice Obstructions in the new Oduber government. The Aruban people are preparing to oust Oduber in this coming October election. However, there are corruptions in the voting machines distributions. There are more voting stations in the MEP districts than the AVP regions. Plus MEP can use the city buses to carry the new voters to their voting stations. The real intention of the Dutch Police being sent here is to make sure the MEP wins the new election in October to continue the terror ruling over the local Aruban people and to destroy the AVP party once for all. The new investigation of Natalee's murder is just a smoke screen. Boycott Aruba! Waterdown JetBlue! Oust Oduber! Fire Rudy Croes!

dennisintn said...

deb357, you're right there. jossy is the man. he loves his island, he loves his people, and he hates what's being done to both by criminals such as the vds pimp squad, and friends.