September 11, 2006


So now Jan's the Chief of police in Bonaire?

BONAIRE – Chief of police in Bonaire, Jan van der Straten, pleads for a point of support of the coastguard in Bonaire, same as the case in Curacao, Aruba, and St. Maarten.

He says that he has sufficient indications (did he JUST figure that out?) that the island is becoming an alternative for the import and export of drugs. He didn’t want to say what the alternatives are, because he didn’t want to help the underworld to get more ideas. (Because he is a pirate and wants the drug shipment goodies to profit from...)

“But I observe that there are a lot of drugs on the island.” (You said it, not me Jan...)

Van der Straten travels to the Netherlands next week to talk to the department of Home Affairs. He expects to also talk about his plea for a coastguard support point on the island. When minister Johan Remkes (Home Affairs, VVD) visited the island last week, Van der Straten didn’t get a chance to mention this to him. (Too busy doing what??? Catching REAL criminals?)

He considers a point of support with fast boats that can chase the go-fasts with drugs, firearms, and illegal persons to be essential. “We cannot be emphasizing on just the controls at the airport, when we do not have sufficient control on other points of entrance of the drugs.”

A radar is going to be installed (yeah right, like the "working radar" in Aruba?) in Bonaire that can follow all suspicious movements, so a point of support is actually indispensable and possible, even though this depends on whether financing was arranged for this. “But the minister himself has agreed to expand the border patrol.”

Van der Straten is of the opinion that the civil servants that are currently in charge of controlling the criminality and the borders must get more authority, because these are too limited now. He didn’t want to say what these limitations are. All he had to say was that “it is too bureaucratic.” (Sounds like the run-around infamous words, "we did it for strategical purposes". WHAT A CROCK!)


Anonymous said...

The next thing you will hear is Paulus appointed as Chief of Justice in training in Bonaire. Jan is crying wolf, they were the thief and robber. The ABC crime ringleaders are humbling the Queen to step down and pay visit to Aruba as One Night Stand Lady to advertise the sex musical holiday in October.

Anonymous said...

He is talking about Bonaire......Stop leaving things out of the articles or hiding things or simply make them up, to use them to your advantage for your thirst for revange and destruction. He works in Bonaire and thats what he is talking about

Michelle said...

I never said anything about him in ARUBA. READ BEFORE YOU WRITE.

Anonymous said...

Thats right, but you make it sound like Aruba through your article. Sometimes its not what you say, but its what you dont say. I read it fine. You didnt say Aruba because you know its not Aruba, but you make it sound like that by leaving things out. Ex. "Bonaire" duh

Michelle said...

How did I make it sound like Aruba???? I merely compared it to situations in Aruba. I can't help you because you obviously just don't "get it".

Poison Woman said...

It's really impossible to have a discussion with people who want to read things into articles and DO NOT read or comprehend the original article.

Michelle is reporting..not making up facts. Try getting a pair of good reading glasses and than come back and add your thoughts. Your comment was obviously made to insult and not to further the conversation. If I were Michelle, I would simply ignore it. You are not paying attention but are only trying to make some negative point.

Van der Stratton is the man who started this entire cover-up and circle of lies regarding Natalee.

I don't care where he is now...perhaps on some distant planet would be a good place.

Deb357 said...


Just delete the idiot's post. He offers nothing of importance toward supporting the Boycott to Aruba.

As far as Jan Van der Straaten goes...

Like all the other's involved in this case, they've left the island. Isn't it ironic?

Jan Van der Straaten is no better than those arrested in Natalee's case. He obstructed and hindered the case by not doing his Chief of Police duties. Jan Van der Straaten is a Dirty Police. By saying, "How can I arrest my best friends son", says it all. He refused to do his job and uphold the law because Joran Van der Sloot is the son of his "best friend".

Jan Van der Straaten reminds me of those sick bastard Catholic Priest who get away with sexual molestations and only transfered to another community to avoid prosecution.

Aruba and Netherlands transferred Van der Straaten in the same manner. saying this, the man is a run away criminal like all the rest who left the island.

The article may be telling Van der Straatens recent accounts in Bonair but that does not excuse him from his duties in Aruba. And so it will follow him around, even to Bonaire. Not escape for the evil!