September 11, 2006


Wow! Are Lionel Richie and Styx some hard core, loud, party animal trouble makers?! Hey, Tommy Lee watch out, you've got competition!

The only person I know that listens to Lionel Richie is my 58 year old mother. ("My endless love...puke...) I just don't see Lionel's fans as the "Ozzfest" crowd type.

And Styx? Although I'll shamefully admit that like some of their old songs--but that's all they are. OLD! And of course there will be plenty of 40-somethings in the audience with their lighters up in the air...what a bunch of dorks! Maybe Julia will be there...that's her era. However, I just can't see
one head bang and scream along to "Come Sail Away" or "Babe".

Aruban Citizens Concerned Over Noise and Wild and Crazy Partiers at the Lionel Richie and Styx Concert! Watch Out! Guess they aren't fans of Lionel and Styx?

Tackling the noise nuisance

ARUBA – The American artists Lionel Richie and Styx are for the time being, the last musical events in the Aruba Entertainment Center. Local residents that complain about the noise nuisance, managed to stop other musical events via a lawsuit. Till the end of the year, there will no longer be any performing in the Entertainment Center.

Local residents and Fundacion Lotto Deporte will sit down and talk in order to settle on an arrangement that suits everybody. Lawyer Ruud Offringa looks after the interests of two local residents that represent a group of 50 to 80 others. The neighborhood is of the opinion that the number of decibel is way too high during musical events.

The noise nuisance of the Entertainment Center was already a court issue in 1995. The judge ruled then that the number of decibel must be a maximum of 95 and imposed a 50.000 florins penalty on a daily basis in case of non-compliance. Local residents had measured the sound for six evenings lately and observed that the sound was over 95 decibel. The money of arranger Lotto pa Deporte was attached. The organization demanded its money back in a lawsuit and also no more attachments.

In a countersuit, the local residents want to lay down the maximum number of decibel to international standards, which are about 70. The judge granted replevin during the lawsuit as both parties agreed to sit down and come to terms.

Lotto promised not to arrange any more musical events in the Entertainment Center until then. The only problem is that the Aruba Music Festival can no longer be cancelled or moved to another location. (Oh well! Rock on man! Get our your vintage tshirts and do the "Mr. Roboto"!)


Anonymous said...

Up to this point, the after 9/11 sentiments make the American to turne their anger towards Aruba for the obviously reason. They had hurt our daughter Natalee. The high decibels will help the Arubans because they need that to numb their senses from hunger and starvation. Lotto means the Arubans will have a Lot to suffer under the due curses.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a good link to Lionel Richie. Only his and feel free to e-mail STYX at to let them know how you feel about them playing Aruba. Also read that Alicia Keys and others played Aruba during Memorial Day weekend festival. Some people just don't get it.

Deb357 said...

It's called lining their pockets.
Even for old washed out hasbins.