September 05, 2006


Let's Talk About The Holloway Case

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Michelle has already posted an excellent article about GMA's interview with Joran but I am mad as hell and I need to talk about it as well.

Joran is STILL considered the MAIN suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway despite how he or those who pander to him (the staff of GMA), choose to portray him. NOTHING and NO ONE has proven to this blogger that he deserves a different classification. Has the case been solved and we weren't told?

Has someone come forward and confessed (maybe we can get John Mark Karr to take responsibility?)? Have the Keystone Koppers on Aruba finally decided that they should all resign enmass and let REAL investigators take over and as a result of this Natalee's whereabouts and fate have been revealed? Did a seer finally come forward and reveal the truth? Has anyone been hearing a deep booming voice emanating from the heavens (you know, like the one who handed Charlton Heston the Ten Commandments) decreeing that the case is officially solved and Joran is no longer a suspect?

Are we all to put aside everything we know about Joran's many lies and his odd behavior and pat him on his rather large head and say, "Good boy Joran, we know you're innocent and that your life is really harsh." all of the above as far as I can tell so blew it. You didn't do your homework when you slanted yet another self-serving interview in the direction of " Joran, woe is me" van der Sloot. Sadly, this ridiculous exercise in patting Joran on the head is about all that IS going on regarding this case.

Where are Deepak and Satish these days? Does Dompig have any new and innovative theories to share with us? What has become of Arlene and Julia, the Aruban shills? Where's Stevie Cohen? What's the matter, Aruba, run out of lies and excuses for your poor excuse for an Island? No more self-serving crap to dole out to the gullible?

Well, many of us (yes, the "internet People"), are not done with you and we won't be until we know what happened to Natalee. You will never know a day of peace nor will Joran and his new blonde girlfriend or his ex-buddies, the so-called pimps that drove him around, or his enabling daddy......NO ONE will be left alone until we have our answers so hop to it and DO SOMETHING.

Invite the FBI in and let them investigate and interrogate and let them use the modern tools that they possess instead of your piss-poor Koppers and their bumbling, fumbling, nepotistic partners. Instead of your shills and their half-assed excuses for your Island...instead of your corrupt politicians and their fear of exposure...instead of your Hotel Operators with a really strong reason to prevent our boycott and their best friends who run Aruba friendly newspapers that spin, spin, spin rather then report accurately.

Solve the case you morons, or let people who know how replace you...we won't leave you alone until you do. Until that day comes...BOYCOTT ARUBA...


Anonymous said...

That's the fire we need Meri. Good Job as always. Let the cowards in Aruba know that we aren't going away.


You are damn straight he is!! he is COWARD LIAR. I dispise him !

Auntiem said...

GMA did not surprise me. Have they ever had Beth on? If so, I certainly don't remember. Maybe Greta is looking to switch networks, Fox is all too kind and American for her, maybe she should be the replacement for Charlie Gibson. For my money they should all be replaced, as they are all too sympathetic to the cause of Joran. Diane disgusts me, and as someone posted elsewhere, Chris Cuomo should be ashamed of himself. They have all sold their souls to the Aruban devils. Perhaps, and I do think this is the case, it is the ENTIRE ABC network. The dare call themselves the American Broadcasting Co.--- They need to change their name and logo.

dennisintn said...

ABC = aruba broadcasting co. a wholly owned subsidiary of AHATA/van der sloot drug co. pa.