September 20, 2006


Get Your Family Ready for a High-Luxury, Low-Budget Aruba Retreat

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Think you have to drain your savings to afford an Aruba vacation for your entire family? Think again. Get more for less on your family vacation with these insider tips, gathered from the thousands of affluent families who book their trips with each year: -- Book during hurricane season. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt. (However, Aruba does not lie outside of the crime belt against tourists...)

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Anonymous said...

Many of these travellers have bad credits, they intend to default JetBlue on their no credit check Jetblue credit cards.

dennisintn said...

while you consider how much money you'll supposedly save by going to aruba, consider how much money natalee's family has had to put out trying to get their daughter back from the happy island. why would you think you'd be any safer there than natalee was when all aruba preaches about how safe the island is and is living in complete denial of how bad things really are on the island. please remember also that the island thinks so poorly of women that they don't even prosecute gang rapists of l6 yr. students who are residents of the island. what chance do you think you'd have if you need the police for some reason?