September 20, 2006


It sounds to me that Aruba is going out of their way to kiss the asses of incoming tourists by making them feel like royalty. Champagne? I think that is going a little bit too far to make up for Aruba's bad name. Nothing they do can change the minds of the people who are dead set against Aruba. We, the people will not forget what was done to Natalee...not for all butt kissing and all the champagne in the world.

ARUBA – The first aircraft of the American low cost airline company JetBlue landed in Aruba on Friday afternoon. The Airbus 320 arrived with passengers from New York’s JFK airport. On the apron, they were ceremoniously received by two sprayer engines of the airport’s fire department.

Minister Edison Briesen (MEP) of Tourism and Transport, together with Rob Maruster, vice-president Airport Operations of JetBlue cut the tape at the gate right before the passengers got off the airplane. Representatives of the airport, Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) and Aruba Hotel And Tourism Association (Ahata) greeted the passengers with a warm ‘bon bini’, when they were getting off the airplane.

There was a reception in the VIP-room of the airport afterwards and they toasted with blue-coloured champaign on a good collaboration between Aruba and JetBlue. The airline company makes daily flights between New York and Aruba and maintains much lower tariffs than other companies. The aircraft has 156 leather seats. Each passenger has his/her own TV-screen that gives the possibility to choose from a great deal of programs.

One passenger that had just arrived with JetBlue was very enthusiastic about the service on board. “On my television screen I could read that I can ask for another drink and that they will be pleased to bring it to me. That’s not the case with other airline companies. Maruster joked that JetBlue can fly this cheap to Aruba, because upon arrival, the airplane gets washed free of charge.

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These old used Airbus 320 are noisy with their flaps on takeoff and landings. Few years ago, the tail of an old Airbus 320 fell off on takeoff from JKF, plunged into a slum area and killed over hundred passengers. JetBlue is simply not safe to fly. They don't have the money to keep up with the repairs.