September 21, 2006


Aruba police under pressure

THE HAGUE/ARUBA – “When it comes to combating criminality, like drug dealing, our police officers are pressured”, explained Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) the protocol for the cooperation with the Dutch police today. That’s the reason why Aruba wants support from the Netherlands to see how to cope with this and how to resist the tempting corruption. (I thought the Netherlands were supposed to take care of the Natalee Holloway matter first...lip service AGAIN!)

“The Netherlands is also faced with these problems on a daily basis and has therefore a lot of experience in this field. We want to learn from that experience.”
Oduber also indicated that Aruba is striving for this same kind of cooperation in other areas, like border control. Aruba has already contacted the Royal Military Police about this. “We live from tourism. Since the terrorist attacks in the United States, all sorts of international measures were announced and we have to comply with those. We would like to interpret these well, so that the tourism do not experience unfavourable effects of these.”

Michelle Says:

You don't need to be worring about your tourism from a terrorist standpoint...worry about it from a Natalee Holloway standpoint! Be afraid, be very afraid...the grassroots boycott movement is making a difference...whether you believe it or not!

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Anonymous said...

"Under Pressure"! It's so true Aruban tourism is a dead rat. Nobody from America will come to this rat rotten Aruba island anymore when Hugo Chavez accused Bush as the devil wars maker for obvious reason - - the new found terrorism in Aruba. Nobody feels safe when Joran is still alive in Aruba.