September 06, 2006


ARUBA – According to Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP), there is no friction between him and the Dutch minister of Home Affairs, Johan Remkes (VVD). In an article to the media he explained that the media had mentioned Croes’ absence during Remkes’ visit of last Friday in a somewhat negative sense.

Croes says that the tenor of the article is wrong. Croes indicated that it was not until Wednesday that he had received an invitation from Remkes to meet with him on Friday. However, Croes had already planned a short trip to Bonaire on that day. This plan was made more than a year ago. He went to Bonaire with a group of participants, some of them from abroad. He already had arranged meetings with political friends in Bonaire and it would not have been ethical (Ethical? Since when has anyone related to resolving this case been ETHICAL? Rudy, I am certain that you don't even know what ethical is. Look it up in the dictionary.) to call these meetings off so close before departure.
(A meeting with "political friends"? What is that? Pay day? I'm sure those plans could have been rescheduled considering the magnitude of this situation.)

“I would have loved to meet Remkes in person.” Croes wanted to thank Remkes in person for his promised cooperation in the collaboration protocol between police corpses (that was Amigoe's typo...a coincidence?)
of both countries and the assistance in the investigation on the disappeared Natalee Holloway. (Now it's back to "disappeared"? They sure like to switch that word with "death" in order to suit their own purpose! What is it Aruba? Did Natalee disappear or did she die? Was she murdered or did she overdose? So many interchangeable words...) He is very pleased that he is going to the Netherlands in the third week of September and can still meet with Remkes. “I can then thank him in person.” That’s when the protocol is going to be signed. Also Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) and the minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolai (VVD) will be present.


Anonymous said...

This is the beginning to look like a fight between Netherlands and Aruba over the death of the Aruban tourism. The death is affecting the Holland prostitutions as well. Many of the Dutch prostitutes on the Aruban beaches were unemployed, and they were not paying sales taxes to the Dutch government treasury. The Dutch pimps are also angry about ATA paying 25% commissions to the American travel agents for booking Aruba. Because of safety concerns caused by Joran the Sex Predator, and lack of respect for the visitors shown by ALE and the locals. People are saying Aruba is not safe and they won't go there for their vacations and spend their hard earned money.

Anonymous said... According to the tides chart,you had a full tide on the Aruba beach around May 31 of each year early morning hours. Was Joran walking on waters? He was definitely lying. His beach story is a lie, it never happened!

Anonymous said...

Dutch is culture of decay and death. Just like sneezing, it's contagious. Just don't go to Aruba, for it is an island for the death. Corpse eat Corpse, the strange and cruel Aruban practice is much worse than Cat kill Cat. People believe cannibalism exists in Aruba, which means No Body, no Bones, or No Case (No Coffin) is true in the Aruban Dutch society. The Dutch and Aruban government argue about death issues, like assisted teen suicides and early mercy killing of terminally ill mental patients. The recent theft of corpses at the Aruban cemetery indicates the people there are hungry and prefer human jerkies. The white sand beaches are illusions, god knows how many human beings were eaten and ground to white bone pebbles. The Arubans are deemed to be very terminally ill people like Joran.

dennisintn said...

how could we ever doubt the word of an aruban minister of anything. they're all so honest and forthright about everything on the happy island. vile isle is more more like it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Meri.

And here's a few more questions:

Why did Joran and Deepak at the 3 AM meeting on May 31 at the Van der Sloots property - pinpoint for Beth and police that the 'drop off' location they claimed to place Natalee at the Mariott Hotel was right IN FRONT OF THE LOBBY where they claimed she walked into the lobby and was then approached by a "dark skinned man" - when, only hours later ....that same day...

Paulus is suddenly telling Joran's headmaster hours later that : the reason Deepak's car can't be seen is because "there was a break in the tape".

Michelle! Where did Paulus learn of such a "break in the tape" ?

And, why does Deepak's statement later that same day - change - to, having dropped Natalee off at a different location in relationship to the lobby entrance?

Was someone tipping off Deepak and Paulus to get some new lies ready to cover up for the Holiday Inn lies?

Maybe we need to ask the Dutch Netherland's Prime Minister to answer some of these questions because he's so certain that they have "done everything possible" .

I think that part of the statement that "everything possible has been done" is indeed true:


Michelle said...

It was my post, thanks...

Believe me, WE WILL get the answers...from the Netherlands or Aruba. Or they will continue to see the consequences of what this boycott has created for them.