September 08, 2006


One of our Aruba Boycott Contributors sent mail to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. We are all surprised that a response came back. However, it sounds like lip service and more empty promises...I'm still not holding my breath.

23 augustus 2006

Dear Mr. _____,

Herewith I acknowledge the receipt of your letters of July 10th and July 22nd 2006. You ask my attention for the Natalee Holloway case. I have taken notice of the content of your letter.

The Aruban authorities, with ample support from the Netherlands, in close cooperation with United States officials and actively assisted by the citizens of Aruba, have been conducting a full investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

The investigations have been performed in accordance with the rule of law. The legal system of Aruba is identical to that of the Netherlands, which receives the highest marks from the U.S. Department of State. It differs from the US system, but it is as effective.

During the investigation, the Royal Netherlands Marines, the Joint Dutch Aruban Investigation Team, the Netherlands Forensic Institute, the Coast Guard for the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba and Dutch legal experts (experts?) have been assisting the authorities in Aruba, together with US authorities-- including the Department of State and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (Now that's an outright lie.)

I fully understand and appreciate the feelings of so many Americans. I would like to reassure you and other Americans that everything humanly possible has been done and still is being done to solve this tragic case.

I would like to thank you for your letters.

Yours sincerely,

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
/s/ Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende


Rammstein said...

I wouldn't believe a word this poor copy of Harry Potter says but that is just my politically coloured opinion of Jan Peter Bakellende.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree. Just paying lip service. The FBI being involved?

dennisintn said...

all the more reason not to trust the lives of your loved ones and friends to the a.l.e. in time of need on aruba, call superman, you'll get more action and support.