September 14, 2006


I am 'pro-choice' in the matter of abortion. However, this woman and her crusade is absolutely despicable and morally wrong going against all the laws of nature. What kind of decrepit society do these Dutch people live in?

It's one thing to be a liberal; a "tree hugger", a hippie, a "Hilary Clinton fan", an "ultra liberal", etc.; but it's quite another thing to have these types of "liberal" values. To me it sounds like they live in the world of the "laisse-faire" attitude
(Laisse faire is a French word for "Never mind! Don't bother!" This refers to their careless attitude in the application of a policies, implying a lack of consideration or thought.)...but it seems the Dutch only use it when it suits their purpose.

Requiring or even SUGGESTING to a woman to get an abortion is against the laws of human nature and personal liberty. No one but that woman should decide her basic human rights.

It's also telling that this woman mentions Arubans and Antillians as the ones who should get abortions. This screams obvious RACISM since these groups of people are black, or have dark complexions.

Like the saying, "If you ain't Duch, you ain't much."

Marianne van den Anker


Mandatory abortion proposed in Holland Official
calls for debate to deal with issue of unwanted children

(Source)--A health official in the Netherlands has called for a debate on the idea of forced abortion and contraception to deal with what she sees as a crisis of unwanted children.

Alderman Marianne van den Anker of the Leefbaar Rotterdam Party wants specifically to target communities of
Antilleans and Arubans where she sees the biggest problems of unwanted children. Her comments have stirred protest by a health foundation working with those communities in Rotterdam. The group, which called the comments degrading, is asking Mayor Ivo Opstelten and other politicians to distance themselves from Van den Anker's views.

Van den Anker is a mother of two children and the official in charge of Rotterdam's health and security portfolios. In an interview in a newspaper Saturday, she said she had tried everything to prevent child abuse. "I fail, I fail," she told the interviewer as she outlined her controversial idea for a debate on compulsory abortion and contraception.

The target groups for her program are Antillean
teenage mothers; drug addicts and people with mental handicaps.

According to the report, Van den Anker said children from these groups run an "unacceptable risk" of growing up without love and with "violence, neglect, mistreatment and sexual abuse." "The exceptions," she said, "and there are some, can be counted on a pair of hands." Van den Anker pointed to the growing number of Antillean youth gangs in Rotterdam whose members come from loveless homes.

Maybe the Dutch government should consider implementing programs to teach teenagers and adults on the importance of proper parenting, teaching their children morality, spending more money on schools and education, teaching children to avoid self-indulgence; and regarding boys, RESPECT for women.

Education is the key...because ignorance is NOT BLISS.


Deb357 said...

This sounds like communism to me. I agree with Meri, what right do Dutch, or anyone for that matter, have the right to say you have to have an abortion because we say so.

If a person chooses to personally abort a pregnancy it is her choice and right, but to force it upon another human is not their right. United Nations better start stepping in and start stepping fast.

Anonymous said...

This Dutch woman is an Anti Christ. Behind every Dutch idea there is an evil motive -- selfishness and shameless. The Dutch legalised abortions for girls down to a age of 10. Antillean rape victims can get impregnated as early as 9 years old of tropical early puberty. Also the Dutch is fast developing the stem cells industries in Hague, aborted fetues are good source materials and they are free of costs. The stem cells do not distinquish racial boundaries when proper dna modes are blocked by medical experts. You can go back 20 years younger when had a stem cells injection in Holland, much safer and non toxic than botex.

dennisintn said...

dammit, i guess counseling anita and paulus to abort jvds is a little late isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Education is the key...because ignorance is NOT BLISS.