September 15, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Those of us who come to this blog and those of us who support the boycotting of Aruba are dedicated to being successful. It is NOT because we have the desire to harm innocent citizens and it is not because we are hateful or mean-spirited. It is because we have a need and a purpose that was thrust upon us and not one that we asked for.

We gave the Aruban authorities every chance in the world to do the right thing by Natalee Holloway and her family. We waited many months and hoped that they would stop the game-playing and the merry-go-round of arrests and releases that they engaged in with no answers forthcoming. We waited for them to give us answers but they never did.

Instead, they formed groups to push tourism and talk up the promised paradise that they advertise in their brochures and ads. They began a spin campaign the likes of which the Clinton Spin Machine would be envious of. They had Julia pimping for the Island, Ruben and Arlene...almost everyone was getting face time with the various media outlets to sell their Island to the world. They kept pushing aside the fact that a girl went missing from their Island and that three young men lied from the moment it was discovered that she was gone.

They arrested the wrong people (two innocent security guards) who could have been proven innocent in a matter of minutes had they bothered to view the hotel video tapes where they were supposed to have abducted Natalee from. I will be doing a blog about those two men later this week but for now I will simply say that the behavior exhibited by the Aruban police started on a shoddy note and went down hill from there.

You CANNOT conduct a boycott without all the necessary elements. You must fight and fight hard to show the dangers of why people should not make Aruba their vacation destination. You must point out each and every crack in that so-called paradise and show it for the hell that it really is.

Beth is doing that through her lectures on travel safety and Michelle is doing it on here by providing the public with information about the inner workings of Aruba and the Netherlands. If she hesitates or stops to worry about stepping on the toes of business owners or anyone who would benefit from a failed boycott effort she would not be doing her job and she would not be conducting a boycott. You can't boycott with half-measures. It's all or nothing and it's all out war on that Island.

Some, feel as if we should tread lightly and be cautious about what we say about Aruba. Why? The truth speaks for itself and it is damning. We don't have to exaggerate or make things up...Aruba has provided us with enough fuel through their actions (or lack thereof) for us to fill books with information. We need to combat the deliberate misinformation campaign that the Aruba spinners have put into place and that is our goal and has been from day one.

Those of us who believe in this boycott and know the reasons for it will not be told to back off or to tread lightly. We will not befriend those who oppose us. They are the enemy and they have to be exposed. I have attempted to do that and I have received a terrific response to my blogs. I am planning to continue exposing those who want to defeat our goal. Julia Renfro is next on my list. I am working on that right now.

First, I will discuss the two security guards and their plight and make some suggestions put forth by Debbie P. as to how we can try to help them find justice for what they were put through on that Paradise Lost.

In the meantime....BELIEVE in the boycott and SUPPORT the boycott and join us in displaying stickers and educating other's about why we are doing this.. It's for Natalee and it's the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Keep them coming, Meri.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Meri!

Boycott Aruba

Support Beth Twitty

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Meri

Anonymous said...

With the short cumming of 100,000 Aruban dollars caused by the free falling ATA tourism industries, the corrupt Oduber Dutch government had no choice but laying off all the ALE dirty police officers and the beach toilet cleaners and shore ranchers. These low ranking government workers were of very low priority and useless. Oduber still has contracts with the CGV VCB security company, he will still have enough secret beach patrol ATV drivers to protect the island from the invasion of Colombian aliens. Oduber needs the remaining money from the Aruban Central Bank to entertain the Dutch Police who is coming next week to investigate the corruption and coverup of Natalee's murder case by Joran and Paulus. The Queen said the Dutch Police can arrest Oduber the PM if necessary for the obstruction of justice. The Aruban Scandal is bringing down the Kingdom of Netherlands rapidly, people are not buying the Dutch chocolate products, and not flying the KLM. They prefer to fly the China and Singapore airliners which are Boeing and serving full course dinners. KLM is just serving water and peanuts on their coach classes.

Anonymous said...

Meri-You go girl. I can't wait to see your writings on juliarenfro@fullofit.Com.

Justice For Natalee!!!!

wingnut said...

Thanks, Meri. Lay it on us. We are listening....

Anonymous said...

Meri, great as always. With you til the end. Am salivating already at the thought of you getting all the dirt on the ratface Julia......chris