October 11, 2006


Maybe if the police arrested the drug dealers, drug users, and the prosecutors would prosecute these people instead of looking the other way like the Dutch do, then maybe your island wouldn't be infested with addicts scurrying around like cockroaches.

Maybe if the police and officials did their job, they wouldn't have to combat the drug addiction problem. Aruba is the portal for drug trafficking. This makes money for many people...public officials, crooked cops, prime ministers, casino owners…shall I go on?

Combat the drug trafficking first, then the drug addicts. Concentrate on the root of the problem!!!

Despite public sentiment that the number of addicts has gone up, the Drug Interdiction and Coordination Bureau is pleased with the addiction care on Aruba, among other things with the arrival of the drugs information center CIAD. (They are pleased because they don't want to deal with it.)

ORANJESTAD – The government is working on a comprehensive approach to the drug addiction problem. It needs to end with the little islands inside and outside the government, according to Minister Booshi Wever of Healthcare (MEP).

The Drug Interdiction and Coordination Bureau has therefore launched a round of talks regarding the issues having to do with drug addiction. The talks should eventually lead to a management plan that all the involved parties of the government and institutions can commit to.

Therein the entire chain of addiction care, like prevention, repression, housing, treatment, and rehabilitation need to be taken into account. According to Rosita Otterspeer of the Coordination Bureau the conferences are also meant to shed further light on the number of addicts in Aruba.

“We don’t know exactly how many there are (of course they have no figures..."go figure!") and what they’re addicted to. That investigation is starting now. With those figures we can later get out priorities straight and further build up the management plan. The results will provide the basis to see if we are offering the proper addiction care.”

Otterspeer understands the media commotion and the feelings of the populace that the addiction problem keeps getting bigger and it seems
as if no one is doing anything about it. Still according to her it’s questionable whether all the homeless in the inner city are addicts. “We notice ourselves that it often involves people who are homeless due to economic problems, so for example can’t afford a roof over their heads. There are also many with psychological problems or it involves older people.” Therefore, according to her, other institutions who deal with psychiatric patients and take in senior citizens also need to play a roll to solve this problem.


Anonymous said...

The Aruban Boycott is administering the changes to the drug trafficking corruption problems. Too many corrupt Aruban Dutch government officials and police personnels stole the USA DEA confisticated illegal drugs from the storerooms of the Drug Interdiction and Coordination Bureau in Oranjestad. The Dutch thieves sold the illegal drugs to the tourists and the high school kids. The number of drug and sex addict predators shoot up, and many natives become homeless because of the gambling debts. The Aruban Boycott experts will monitor the November 7 government election results to make sure the current Prime Minister Nelson Oduboris is ousted by the Aruban voters. To correct the drug and sex corruption root problems, the top corrupt government officials have to be fired. This commitment to the prevention of theft of illegal drugs is the basic principle of criminal justice that the Dutch Aruban officials have to learn to implement in Aruba. Aruban Boycott is good for Aruban people. Government corruption is a combo of drugs, sex, underage drinking and gambling. Joran is an example of the evil fruit that is hurting the island. Aruban Boycott is helping to hunt down Joran the Predator to make Aruba a safer place for the tourists.

Deb357 said...

Aruba's way of handeling the drug addicts is by setting up one of those small crack houses away from the hotels and tell them to do their drugs there and leave their tourist alone. Good way to handle them huh?

Deb357 said...

I am making a post for my front yard that reads "BOYCOTT ARUBA, JUSTICE FOR NATALEE". I am putting it up for everyone to read as they drive past my yard.

Someone over on Scared Monkeys also mentioned writting on dollar bills "Boycott Aruba" since the money circulates all around the world.


Anonymous said...