October 11, 2006


I wonder when Styx will be playing? Do they have "Too much time on their hands" to go to Aruba and play their oldies?

Party, fiesta, all night long

ORANJESTAD – Lionel Richie took the stage on Saturday night during the second night of the Aruba Music Festival. He warmed up the public with well known ballads, who calmly enjoyed the scene and moved along a little with the tunes of this often romantic music.

Until Richie played ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, announcing the festival had now really began.
To the sounds of this hit people took to their feet and everyone in the Entertainment Center danced along. Richie did a good job setting the tone and atmosphere. Particularly with his encore he really brought down the house.

For their last tunes Richie and his band played the world renowned ‘Hello’ and ‘All Night Long’. Between the songs the singer kept seeking out contact with his audience, achieving a truly interactive show. Richie’s concert was a mix of recent numbers, golden hits, and songs from his days with The Commodores. The people who came to the show knew most of th
e music from their youth and sang along loudly.

The Aruba Music Festival was successful and well organized again this year. But on Saturday night there were a few issues. During Richie’s performance the music in back was not loud enough. When the public reacted to something Richie had said, you couldn’t hear him anymore.

At the back of the field of the Entertainment Center people were able to have full conversations even during his performance, which didn’t do any good for the music. Also the opening acts ended too early and it was a full half hour before Richie took the stage. The music that was played in the interim was okay, but not a good warm up for the audience.


Anonymous said...

This is what Aruba considers a success? A bunch of drug dealers managing to stand on two feet clapping for a has been singer…LOL. This is too funny. Lionel better stick to collecting his royalties then performing on that corrupt island.

Anonymous said...

He's nothing but a "State Fair" attraction!