November 30, 2006


This headline is sick and shows Aruba's lack of CLASS.
As if we didn't know that already. Hello? A no-brainer!?

After Holloway, Aruba Kicks Off Major U.S. Campaign

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y. Fri. Dec. 1, 2006: Alabama teen Natalee Halloway’s fate remains a mystery since her 2005 disappearance from the island of Aruba. But with public outrage and bad press largely behind, the Dutch territory has rolled out a new ad campaign to continue to target its core group of travelers from the U.S.

The Aruba Tourism Authority recently launched a $4.3 million campaign (Does anyone find it ODD that Aruba is complaining to the Dutch about money and financial losses, yet they spend $4.3 in marketing?) that consists of 30-second television spots, magazine, newspaper and Internet advertising created handled by the destination’s advertising firm,
Fitzgerald+CO in Atlanta, Georgia. (Let's contact this Georgia-based company...)

“Aruba is a unique place and we wanted to showcase its beauty and what sets our island apart from other Caribbean destinations,” said Minister of Tourism and Transportation Edison Briesen. “We are confident that our new advertising campaign is our most dynamic yet and that it truly reflects the many unforgettable experiences Aruba offers its guests.” (Oh definitely unforgettable...drugged date raped and murdered...Briesen, what the HELL are you talking about? I see you are a horse's ass once again.)

Talk of boycotting the island has slowly died (Are you living in a cave or 'third world country'? DENIAL. I can assure with a 100% certainty that you are having delusions of grandeur...check these articles from Boycott Watch. (article 1) (article 2). I'd like to see your rebuttal to that. IN FACT, my offer is open for a debate...we'll see how you stumble like Dompig and Steve Cohen. Probably worse than Bush). and now Aruba, looking to cover ground lost to negative publicity, is hoping the diverse topography and beauty of Aruba featured in the ads as well as “Rumba Aruba,” an original up-tempo song written by local Aruban musician and three-time Grammy Award nominee, Hildward Croes for the television spot, catches the eyes and heart of Americans again. (Is THAT their gimmick? Pretty pathetic...)

Each ad carries a unique headline and signs off with copy that reads “This is Aruba. This is our home. And we want to share it with you.” (What happened to "One Happy Island"?) According to Myrna Jansen, Managing Director for the Aruba Tourism Authority, “The energy of the music coupled with the images of the television ad and the bright, vibrant color of the print, you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and ask, ‘where is that’ and that is exactly what we wanted this campaign to do.”

The campaign is concentrated in areas with high numbers of past travelers. This includes Aruba’s first-ever national television presence with a cable buy that spans a wide variety of popular American networks, including HGTV, Food Network, Travel Network, Bravo, Discovery, The History Channel, National Geographic and TLC. (By the way, there are many outraged people who have contacted this parent network company in protest!)
Travel and epicurean magazine presence continues to be an important piece of Aruba’s media plan, this time with full page ads being complemented by two-page spreads, another first for the island. And on travel-oriented websites including Expedia, Travelocity, Yahoo, Travel, Weather, Concierge, Fodors and Sidestep. –



Anonymous said... feel free to e-mail this firm. And let them know you don't appreciate them doing business with Aruba.

Anonymous said... www.bravotv.comcontactus_us/index.shtml try e-mailing these sites who show Aruba advertisements

Anonymous said...

Try this one. now feel free to e-mail them letting them know you don't appreciate them doing business with Aruba

Anonymous said...

I love Aruba. I was there 2 months ago and I returned safely. No problems and the people were very warm and friendly. I will go again.

Michelle said...

Good for you. I am guessing you are probably 50+, and with that being said, no one would want to drug and rape you anyway.

Next time you go watch out for the Dengue fever...and say hi to Leatherface Renfro.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Mark Purcell is from Katy, Texas....?

dennisintn said...

there will always be heartless, non-thinking americans that will go to aruba regardless of how many little girls "just vanish" on the vile isle. personally i don't want to spend my money with a people so commonly crass that they condone the rapes of their own daughters and tourists to protect their tourism, and i refuse to rub shoulders with the tourists that evidently condone the same practices.

Anonymous said...

"I love Aruba. I was there 2 months ago and I returned safely"
you just think you came home safe. The brain damage may not be evident at the moment.