November 30, 2006


First I'd like to say that I LOVE that Natalee's story is staying in the media. Especially after 18 months. So here we are...18 months go by, and guess what?!? Joran is STILL in the news. Hello? Aruba! Do you NOT realize that no one is giving up?!

And my, my, my...which medium does this story hit? Try The New York Post! Maybe not the NY Times, but more people read the post for fun. So fun that this is the same state that Aruba markets and caters to the most. I hope those New Yorkers are reading up and have something up in their noggins.

Ok, with that being said, I've been working with lawyers for 11 years now. I know that a huge majority of them are money grubbing pathetic egomaniacs. I've seen first hand that some are very unethical. I went to law school 10 years ago (I quit after the first year due to astronomical tuition prices!) and THREE people from my graduating class are now felons…and I'm not talking about some minor or lame crimes.

But you know what? I never thought about attorneys in OTHER countries. My god...Carlo is the epitome of a dirty lawyer with a big mouth. But in our case, this is an asset. Keep your pie hole running, Tony!

November 29, 2006 -- A Dutch reporter investigating the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba claims a lawyer representing the first suspect in the case once paid a visit to the lead prosecutor "to clear his conscience."

At the meeting, lawyer Antonio Carlo allegedly told prosecutor Karin Janssen that he knew Joran van der Sloot played a role in the teen's disappearance, but that it was up to the police to "get the full proof," Peter de Vries told Greta von Susteren Monday on Fox News' "On the Record."

When Janssen wrote to Carlo asking for more details, she got a letter back from the "scared" attorney saying "you misunderstood me," de Vries said. (Carlo obviously isn't ready for "suicide" yet...)

Van der Sloot's current attorney, Joseph Tacopina, yesterday dismissed de Vries' report as "utter bull- - - -. He's trying to cash in on the tragedy to publicize a documentary he made in Holland." ( you aren't cashing in? Good god...your stupidity is boggling.)

Editor's Note: Taco Joe...please spare me. Take some PR tips and act like a professional that you claim you are. You are starting to sound like Joe Mammana now. Pluhleese! That 'bad ass' act is soooo last year.


dennisintn said...

paulus says he has more to say at a later date, parroting jvds to the reporter last fall. paulus added that he can't speak now because other people would be hurt. who, other than his son and friends is there that can be hurt? how about the grief and pain natalee has suffered and her family continues to suffer daily and forever. what about economical loss and loss of credibility and pride aruba has suffered and will continue to suffer. what an arrogant, egotistical, and heartless fool.

Auntiem said...

He should be arrested for speaking those words smacks hindering an investigation, withholding evidence, in a missing person/murder investigation!!!! Lock that sick pimp up.