December 20, 2006


Isn't it funny, yet so very sad, that Aruba's prosecutor Ms. Inept Karin Jansen never looked into (maybe they have but destroyed any records) and never even reported or questioned Paulus van der Sloot's mysterious midnight ATM withdrawals the night Natalee vanished. But Curaco jumps on this right away? Money laundering is no problem there, neither is drug or human trafficking. But fake ATM cards! Now THAT's a true crime, isn't it?

I truly believe in karma as much as I believe in GOD, and I know that not only will the Van der Sloot family get theirs, but everyone else involved in this conspiracy to cover up the wrong-doing of Joran and his evil friends. This island is PATHETIC and I don't know how ANYONE in their right mind would want to visit this hell hole. How can they call it a vacation destination? It's a third world country with major political and criminal issues. By the time this is all said and done Aruba will be nothing but a speck on the map that no one will remember.

Arrests for fraud with ATM cards

WILLEMSTAD – Seven men, including 5 from Trinidad were arrested for fraud with ATM cards. The 5 men from Trinidad were arrested around 20:00 at the MCB ATM at the corner of Klipstraat/Breedestarrt in Otrobanda.

They had 40 blank ATM cards and 7000 dollars with them. The Otrobanda police received a call that 5 men were behaving suspiciously at the ATM. This is the second time in a short period of time that foreigners are arrested for this offence on the island. Two Bulgarian men were arrested in October for trying to commit the same fraud at an ATM of MCB and Banco di Caribe. These men also had blank ATM-cards with them.

This form of ATM-fraud is called skimming. According to MCB’s assistant managing director Ruthsella Jansen, the men were busy getting cash in Curacao with shimmed cards from elsewhere in the world. They have already visited several ATM’s.

Jansen learned that two other men were arrested today and more cards and money were confiscated. The criminals attach something on the card slot of an ATM that reads and stores data from the magnetic tape stripe of a bank card. The customer withdraws cash from the ATM, finishes the transaction, picks up his/her cash and removes the bank card. After the customer leaves, the criminals take the data stored and put it on a blank atm-card. The criminals also attach a mini camera on the upper side of the ATM, with which they retrieve the pin code.

The Bulgarians that were arrested in October were busy committing this fraud here in Curacao, but they were stopped on time. It is very difficult for the bank to prevent people from withdrawing cash from an ATM with these blank cards. Because the banks in question were not aware of the fraud, they could not block the cards on time. The employees that are in charge of the ATM service, can only check whether more money is withdrawn than normal and whether certain cards are used more often. Via the numbers, the region and the bank can be recognized, so retrieving the data is not difficult. With yesterday’s and today’s arrest, the damage for the MCB could be restricted.


Anonymous said...

but Karin Janssen has nothing to do with these arrests.

This happened in Curacao (the Netherlands Antilles) and they have their own public prosecution office. Karin Janssen works for the Aruban public prosecution office.

Being angry at Karin Janssen is your own choice, but being angry at her for the content of this article is bogus because she has/had nothing to do with this ATM fraud business.

The Janssen mentioned in this article is Ruthsella Janssen, the assistant managing director of the bank they tried to rob.

Michelle said...

I'm a stand up person and admit if I am thank you Ramm for pointing out my error. I changed the context of my rant, but I still point fingers at Karin Jansen. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I would not too worried and apologistic to Dutch agents. Ram is a full time paid Dutch Aruban agent by Holland to roam around the blogs to pick on the Natalee supporters. His USA home base is BFN. So what, the Dutch Janssen extended families are proven to be bad and corrupt as Janssen the Bloated Lady. Since Kalpoes are not in our US LA CA Court System, we Americans grassroot play it by the American Laws. Not the Freaking Dutch Secret Laws that Ram been flicking around. I have no qualm with Ram, he is just being paid to do his law advisor job. What it gets me is why is he still residing in BFN? And now Ram is acting like an American Law Prefessor. We do have jurisdiction over the Kalpoes in LA courtroom. Greta and Joe T are all been shut up and shut down. The question now is what we are trying to find out if we can extradict the K2J from the Dutchies.

Anonymous said...

There is a great conflict of interest ocurring in BFN, Blogs For Natalee, by allowing Ram to declaring there is no punishments for Joran for his underage law breaking offences. What kind of cultural differences is that? BFN shall not never to let Ram to continue to defame Natalee.

Anonymous said...

1. I am not, nor have I ever been a dutch agent (the thought alone).

2. the only payment I get is my paycheck from the temp-agency I work for

3. I don't pick on Natalee supporters, I am a Natalee supporter (and all the people who matter to me know that I am)

4. Why I am on BFN? Because I have something to offer/add to the rich mix of people on there.

5. I am not an American law-professor, all I am asking (exactly because I am not a law professor) is whether this case too never makes it to discovery because of forum-non-convenience issues for the Holloway-Twitty lawsuit. Not the Kalpoe versus Dr. Phil lawsuit because that has no issues with regard to forum-non-convenience.

6. you cannot extradite people on civil matters, only on criminal proceedings.

7. there is no legal punishment for Joran for having drunk/gambled illegally. Only his underage driving is a crime, not because he is underaged, but because he has no drivers-license.

And I have never, ever ever ever defamed Natalee so to suggest that is lunacy.

Anonymous said...

Rammerstein- Can you let me know, when Janssen is gonna arrest the suspects and friends on Obstruction? It's amazing that she refuses to follow dutch/aruba law.

Deb357 said...

I agree totally with the title.