December 19, 2006


This post is so pathetic it makes me sick. Gee, I'd really love to spend my money going to somewhere where I have to police myself! And by the way, they consider vandalism worse than drug dealing! GO FIGURE!


Aruba Needs Your Help!! (No shit...)

Hi everyone, We have a bit of a problem (? a bit?) that needs your help. As we all know, petty crime has been on the increase in Aruba. We can do something about this but not without your help.

The obvious help is to protect your belongings. Don't be foolish tourists (you bad, bad tourists! It's all your fault because you are so foolish!) and leave items for other tourists and local criminals to take. Remember, although Aruba is safer than just about anywhere in our own country, petty crime does exist. Then there is the less obvious help.

As requested by the powers that be, we are compiling a list of any crimes that you have witnessed or been the victims of. I don't mean the stupid kid trying to sell you a joint. (Oh? Dealing drugs on the corner isn't a crime? Just an annoyance? I'm sure some father would love to know that his child is being offered drugs on the street!)

I mean vandalism, petty theft, and any categories I am missing that have occurred since the first of this year. (MURDER? RAPE? CORRUPTION? I find it absolutely distasteful that vandalism and petty theft are worse than drug dealers. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO GO HERE???)

We want as many details as you remember. Location, action, were police called, did they respond in a timely manner, and anything else that you can think of. We are working closely with the authorities to maintain a safe Aruba as it has always been and continues to be relative to most places. We can be that much more effective at this with your feedback! (Love it...once it was "the safest", now it's "relative to most.")

We would like you to send an email to us with the aforementioned details. If you are uncomfortable sending it to people you don't know, you are welcome to pm me. I will sticky this post and close this thread so that all replies can be sent to us. thanks!!!!



Anonymous said...

ATA encourage the hotel workers to steal the electronics from the American tourists to make up for the cut in wages. The stolen goods are sold to North Korea.

jen3560 said...

They still just don't get it, do they?

How about "working closely with authorities" to stop the serious crimes that not only go unpunished - but that also aren't even investigated properly!

Tired of the eyewash approach. Maybe one day they'll wake up to their true problems.

dennisintn said...

take a personal body guard, and a food and drink taster for the ladies.