December 11, 2006


I am utterly and absolutely convinced the Dutch have absolutely no ethics whatsoever. It is all about money, sex, power and greed, greed, greed. It appears the Netherlands and their societal attitudes towards ANY crime possess a large majority of the seven deadly sins.

How do we expect that the Dutch government will follow through and investigate Natalee's case if this is the way they treat crimes such as this? If they ARE investigating, then they should make a statement at once to inform the public what the status is on their findings and an approximate deadline on when they will make a conclusion.

It is up to us boycotters to take a stand and DEMAND ANSWERS from the Dutch. Where are you in this investigation???

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: A Dutch court ruled Thursday that the former top executives of a Dutch airline sought investments from drug smugglers for their financially distressed company and sentenced them to up to three years in prison. (Note: This airline is Goodjet airline. Click for bankruptcy info.)

(Source)--"Goodjet is now definitely bankrupt. The 21,7M euros promissed by the dutch MCI Group never materialized. The thousands of pax holding tickets will not be reimbursed. However the president of Goodjet, Cafer Ok, said he is looking for investors to start a new lo-co... wanting to capitalize on the know-how acquired during the past year!!! Quite ironic considering the flop it was! Who is going to trust him?"--quote "Roadwarrior"

The Rotterdam District Court said Air Holland Chief Financial Officer Paul Gruythuysen was the financial brain behind a criminal gang that laundered as much as €35 million (US$46 million), using some of it to finance the company's loss-making operations. He was given a three-year sentence (That sentence is unconscionable and only reiterates and strengthens my position above).

The airline, which flew from the Netherlands to several Caribbean destinations, went bankrupt in March 2004. Prosecutors said Gruythuysen personally delivered large sums of cash to contacts in Europe, including a diplomat from the Dominican Republic, from whom British authorities seized €6 million ($8 million) in cash. That man, whose name was not released, received diplomatic immunity and was not prosecuted.

Another contact, identified as Ghaudanand G., was sentenced to
28 months. Air Holland's former chief executive, Cees van Dormael, who joined the company when it was already in financial trouble in 2001, was found not to have been part of the criminal ring. But he was judged to have been aware of its existence and was jailed for 18 months. "In his desire to attract financing, he found refuge in millions of (euros) of criminal money," the ruling said of Van Dormael.

Dutch news magazine Elsevier reported both men planned to appeal.
"I'm still convinced I didn't do anything criminal," (If that isn't criminal, I don't know what is...this guy has been smoking too much of something over there.) Elsevier quoted Gruythuysen saying. "I know for myself I didn't do it. Never intentionally." Prosecutors said a pair of brothers identified by the court as Piet G. and Iwan G. invested drug money in the scheme. Piet was sentenced to one year prison, but he already is serving five years for cocaine smuggling. Iwan is serving an eight-year sentence in Brazil for attempting to smuggle 50,000 Ecstasy pills.

Makes you wonder how Jet Blue is being financed...considering they are so gung-ho Aruba. How's that for some food for thought? Maybe we should get our hands on their financials?

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Their trading practice revealed in the PDF is of Enron style. It caught the eyes of the FBI and IRS. Our tax authorities don't trust the Dutch way of handling the prostitute tax and airline tax accessments. Basically, it's very well known in Europe that the Dutch businesses are the most dishonest and corrupt. They used the blonde postitutes as collateral to secure a Nigerian airline loan to finance the bankrupt Aruban government.