December 11, 2006


The judge decided the three amigoes will stay suspects.


It's too bad I have to be the grinch that stole Aruba’s Christmas, but I refuse to jump up and down like a slave who gets an extra hour of sleep just because of this 'so-called' judge’s ruling.

Why are we excited? Over common sense?! Of course they should still be suspects! That shouldn’t even be AN ISSUE!

1. Karin—Get off your FAT ASS and start doing your job. I don’t care what the ‘protocol’ is down there, or that your laws are not the same as ours. I don’t give a rat’s ass and I’m sure the other millions behind me have the same sentiment! Quit watching Jerry Springer, put down your pathetic masterbation romance novel, stop bleaching your hair, get off your ass and do your freakin’ job! In the United States you’d be, as we’d like to say, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Your precious ATA, your flagrantly illegal financial institutions, investors, tourists, non-tourists, and anyone with the lowest possible IQ before technical retardation knows your island is in deep doo-doo. Unless there was a cover up, which we know there was, this case should have been solved. REGARDLESS of the fact that Paulus van der Sloot has friends in low places.

With your continued inaction after 19 months one can reasonably assume you are IN ON IT TOO. How much are you getting Karin? Going on holiday anytime soon?

C’mon people! Let’s poke ‘em and smoke ‘em where it hurts! This little puppet song-and-dance to try and appease the public isn’t working. It’s never worked and the longer it continues the worse it will be on them in the end. In the meantime, it is absolutely infuriating me!


Anonymous said...

She looks like she just swallowed something very foul tasting in that photo. Like a shit sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Very little known about her secretive background, the only thing people in Holland talk about she is from an inbreeding family between Dutch and Arab.