December 05, 2006


Jossy v. Taco Joe

By Jossy Mansur, Editor of Diario

I gave indications to the criminal defense lawyer in the U.S., Tacopina, that if he continues his campaign to offend, slander and defame, he is going to get the surprises of his life when the truth of his client's participation in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway becomes known. And it is coming out at a much faster pace than I expected, thanks to DIARIO and lately De Vries, who'se popular program in Holland made revelations that had remained hidden and have now come out into the light. Tacopina at once wanted to belittle him with a string of lies about his program and, worse yet, about the man himself. A 'street style' that will not prosper!

I don't know who Tacopina thinks that he is, nor why he supposes that his personal attacks and his attempts to belittle others in a futile attempt to save his client, are going to produce some positive effect. Two nights ago, in the popular Lineup program on Fox, he went so far as to say that I am becoming senile, among other uncalled for comments.

Well, well, well. I hope that when Tacopina reaches my age (if God favors him with that), he will be as senile as I am, because my faculties are intact, and my disposition to do battle also! I am not going to debate the personality of that idiot because my level of education will not permit it. But, I must bring to his attention that his terror tactics based on slander and defamation are not the adequate road an attorney must take to obtain his goal. For a person always threatening others with the courts for slander, he's very loose with his expressions!

If his goal is to save his criminal client by painting him as an angel, he's wasting his time. What his client did with the girl is indescribable! And I am not referring here to murder because the evidence to prove that hasn't surfaced yet, but I am referring to the moral crime he committed and admitted to during interrogations by the investigative team. And to reaffirm that in order to dispel all possible doubts, I have the categoric declaration of the lead investigator in the case.

That this revelation made Tacopina lose control is a fact that all who heard him on that program can testify to. He acted like a spoiled brat whose pacifier was yanked from his mouth. His voice was full of anger and despair, but with those emotional outbursts he is not going to change the reality of the case: his client, Joran van der Sloot, committed a moral crime against Natalee! This is categoric.

Now, my question to the people conducting this case is: how come Joran is in Holland, studying comfortably, while Natalee is no longer here? How come Joran has to "continue with his life", when Natalee's life came to such a premature and unjust end? How come the authorities did not produce the expected results in a case that is not difficult to solve in the sense that there is a moral crime admitted to? Why was it necessary for new revelations to come from Holland in order to make the case again as hot as an iron?

Three persons damaged the name of Aruba internationally, and to top it all, all three of them happen to be all three happen to be foreigners. Not one of them is an Aruban! They threw a negative light on our with their uncontrolled action during one night in May. One of them is the criminal client of Tacopina! No matter what Tacopina says, his client will not escape the long arm of the Law, because he himself admitted , and described in detail, his moral crime. I don't understand why, in spite of this admission, Joran and his cronies are free to walk around as if they haven't broken one single cup. And there are two of them who are even thinking of going to court in the U.S. for money! What do they want, a reward for what they did? A payment for having so badly damaged the name of Aruba?

Tacopina assured that the case will never come to court. Well, Tacopina must be as bad in practicing chiromancy as he is removed from the truth as a lawyer in this case. The case will and must be brought to Court to put an end to this sordid affair, so that we can beging to reinstate the good name of our island, and principally to give the Holloways some measure of peace after all they have suffered with the disappearance of their daughter who came to Aruba and disappeared while in the company of the three suspects.

The three of them own the answer that all of us who in good faith are lending a hand for justice to prevail, are searching for and will find, much to the frustration of Tacopina! Let him continue to live out his 'delirium tremens', while we continue to pursue the case and are going to prove how deeply involved his client is with what happened to the girl who had her whole life before her, and disappeared while in Aruba and in the company of the three foreign suspects.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Jossy

Anonymous said...

Jossy wants those involved in Natalee's disappearance to go down just as bad as we all do if not more so. His island is being harmed because of these boys. And Jossy's heart is with Beth and Dave and our beautiful Natalee.

Go Jossy Go!

Auntiem said...

I would prefer to see a more dignified picture of the gentleman, the kind man, who is worth more than a million Taco Joes.