December 22, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

I haven't had much to say as of late but I wanted to voice my opinion on a few things.

The Dr. Phil Show is filmed in the United States and therefore any civil wrong-doing that someone may have perpetrated during the course of that show and that might have harmed the Plaintiffs (the Kalpoe's in this case), will give them legal jurisdiction.

This is quite different from the lawsuit that was attempted in NYC regarding Joran and Paulus as the accusations of various crimes happened on Aruba and NOT in the USA. There was never any personal jurisdiction here in the USA and the suit could only be heard on Aruba (which I doubt would have ever happened having viewed their judicial system and how they interpret it).

There was also the closely knit relationships among the Judges (the Court) and the parties involved. I don't think that any lawsuit would be a success on Aruba regarding this case.

As for extradition; Ramm is right. You can't extradite on a Civil matter. It is difficult enough to extradite on a criminal matter where evidence is clear; especially where treaties are in place.

That is where Ramm and I part for his association with BFN and some of the people there, we totally disagree and I find that many of them have a strange way of showing support for Natalee and her family.

I NEVER believed for one second that Ramm had any sort of legal background or knowledge, but he is entitled to his opinions no matter how different from my own. He does come across as if he is an "expert" on certain subjects which I find amusing but harmless. He, like many of us have no actual standing in this case and all we can do are the following: offer support, help with the boycott movement; or do research so that we can impart a better understanding of the particulars involving this case and the places and people in the cast of characters.

Truth be told, other than some very good articles on various Internet sites, this boycott site, and some kind and compassionate people who have stood alongside the family, most of us have contributed nothing.

We have shown our compassion in many ways and hopefully, that has been a help to the family as they go through this long, drawn-out, exhausting process of trying to find the truth as to what happened to Natalee Holloway.

There are a few people working on some areas that may someday bring some International attention to Natalee's plight, but that hasn't happened as of yet.

As for the Kalpoe's and their isn't as frivolous as it may appear at first glance. I don't believe one single word that comes from the mouths of the Kalpoes'. Joran, Paulus and the rest of the bozos on Aruba, but I DO know that Dr. Phil messed up. He made some unsubstantiated claims on his show and he has not been able to prove what he said. He based his comments on a tape that may or may not have been flawed and was most definitely edited. That alone means that the Kalpoes' may actually have reason to believe that they were Civilly injured.

Even the FBI has not supported the veracity of the Skeeter's tape and therefore we have no idea who said what to whom and what was true or edited. I doubt that the case will ever go to Court for trial and I believe that the powers that be at The Dr. Phil Show will settle this case with the Kalpoe's.

Frankly, the thought of them profiting from this situation makes me feel sick but the law is the law and Dr. Phil did damage not only to the suspects but to the entire case when he butted in. He simply did not have enough facts (no one does except for those who know the truth). Therefore, he left himself and his show open for a Civil action.

I hate to quote a television show, but it makes sense to listen to what Gil Grissam of CSI says when he states, "We always follow the evidence". In this case, most of the evidence has been lost, destroyed or never gathered.

After all this time, I still believe that Joran, the Kalpoes, some of their other associates, his father and others on Aruba know what happened to Natalee and I do NOT believe the "I left her on the beach story".

Do NOT be shocked or surprised if the Kalpoe Brother's DO profit from their is not much of a stretch to picture them winning some kind of settlement since Dr. Phil was careless and since the tape that he used on his show was edited. They can be as guilty as hell and still win their all depends on what was said, how it was said, the intent of what was said and what evidence there is to back-up their claims.

If it can be proven that Dr. Phil based his comments on an unproven video and audio tape and that the tape was not used in it's true content...therefore inflicting harm on the Plaintiffs....BINGO.

I will feel ill if the Kalpoes' are victorious but I will not be surprised.

Michelle's Opinion:

These faces don't look like those who are innocent.
If I were in deep shit I'd look pretty sad, too.


Rammstein said...

I think I have to make something clear. I have no legal opinion on the suit against Dr. Phil.

I am sure that there is jurisdiction there.

I even do not have a legal opinion about the lawsuit of Beth and Dave against the Kalpoes.

All I was doing, is asking a question (out loud). What halted the trial is New York was proper forum and convenient forum (from what I understood of the legal chatter at the time). Is there any risk that this trial of Beth and Dave will meet a similar fate?

That is all I was trying to do, I will be delighted if there are depositions but until then it is "seeing is believing" with regard to this legal matter.

Maybe Meri can inform us if there is the same risk with this civil case as there was with the New York one of not even getting to the discovery phase.

donald said...

Let me get this straight. Rammstein wants legal advice from Meri?

Oh my! How far we have come.

Anonymous said...

When Dr Phil cracking the nutty case of Deepak, and the LA jury looks into his content, it would not matter where the breaking point is neither on Deepak's big endian nor at his small endian. Dr Phil only had a 15 second window of air time allowed by TV media standard to crack this Natalee disappearance mystery, the rest are just bread and butter commercials filling. Dr Phil played it by the rules accepted by Court TV professionals, and thus will stand in court. It's more disecting a lie in the backdrop of a grand Aruban coverup. The important inquery by the jury is to find out the true nature of the state of Deepak's mind at that cruicial split second of whether he truely lies about Natalee's rape and murder or not, since he is one of the three suspects last seen with Natalee when they left together in his car from C&C. The jury will try to catch up him within his own words on those tapes.

Faith said...

Thank you Meri for this information, it is very much appreciated.

I sure hope 2K doesn't win. I do have a question.

If 2K win (settle out of court or win in court or lose) do they have to come back to court for Beth & Dave's civil suit providing it's allowed to be heard in Cali?

Thank you for all your hard work in this case.


Anonymous said...

Another view is BFN been nurtured and transformed into an undercurrent anti-Natalee forum. You cannot take the face value of BFN. Ramm appeared in BFN the moment the New York Civil Suit been filed. He and Reality are tack team partners. One thing though, America is a democracy. Holland is a kingdom come closed society. Holland is prostitute farm. America is an intellectual properties innovator community with honor high school students. That is the major cultural divide between Holland and America. One thing is very disturbing, the Queen addressed to the little children that prostitution is a noble profession as like the medical doctors who comfort the wounded soldiers on the battle field. So the surface of BFN is a doctored support for Natalee, but its undies is purely prostitute from Holland. The poll in LA suggests the people in CA want the wrongful death lawsuit of Natalee to stay. The Californians like adventures, they think they have their jurisdiction over Aruba. All because Aruba has hired Steve Cohen as their legal consultant. By doing that, Aruba is binding and vesting in California laws.

Rammstein said...

Donald, she is an attorney and thus much better informed on US law than I will ever be.

Why not ask for her opinion?

Rammstein said...

Actually Anonymous poster (Sat Dec 23, 04:08:00) I have been on BFN far before the New York Lawsuit was filed.

Before that I was on the now defunct

The Netherlands not a democracy? LOL LOL LOL LOL yeah right.

And the rest of your post is a testament to how truly insensitive and stupid you must be (sorry, try never to insult people but there are limits to even my patience).

Anonymous said...

The Hollywood is the major force backing the Natalee's wrongful death civil lawsuit. Clint Eastwood's blockbuster moivie the "Unforgiven" was the mirror of gunho seeking justice for Natalee. Natalee was defaced and scarred by J2K. That makes every American in their heart want to invoke their fair and balanced punishment upon the J2K and Aruba government. The LA liberal small claims court system is the right place to start the roundups of the J2K. NYC sucks.

Michelle said...

Aaah...another weirdo. Go back and watch Cold Case Files or something. I feel like I'm at a Star Wars convention, here..

Anonymous said...

The Aruban government made a very foolish mistake by filing this 2K lawsuit in CA, they should have sent it to South Florida instead or New York. Florida and New York are siding and backing Aruba with this Natalee matter. Stupid Aruba.

Meri said...

I am no longer practicing law in any way. I practiced Domestic Relations law quite a while ago.

As for the Holloway/Twitty lawsuit, I don't see how filing it anywhere in the USA will change the fact that whatever happened to Natalee happened on ARUBA and not here in the USA. Even though Natalee is an American citizen, no crime took place here regarding her.

I haven't read the new lawsuit, but I never thought that the NYC case would go forward and unless this new suit has some connection to the jurisdiction where it was filed I can't see how it will be successful. I simply am not qualified to know the answers.

The sad truth is that there is very little (if any) evidence to prove who may have actually committed a crime, what that crime was and where it took place.

In my heart I fall back on the last three people to have been seen with Natalee, but that is simply not enough to make a case.

Once again I find myself agreeing with Ramm...The Netherlands is very much a democracy.

Queen Beatrix has some influence in her country as you can see from the link that I am attaching...but she is not like a President or a Prime Minister

I hate to continually quote other people but these words come to mind whenever I think about this case; "The answers my friend, are blowing in the wind..."

The wind on ARUBA.

Rammstein said...

Thank you for your answer Meri.

I so wanted this lawsuit to go through but as I have said, I am afraid this lawsuit will go the same way the NYC one went, nowhere.

I really, really, really, really hope that the Kalpoes go through with their lawsuit so at least some depositions can be done with them. Maybe that will give us some answers.

And it is true, our Queen has some power but most of her function is ceremonial and a uniting factor for our country.

Anonymous said...

And this is why we need to charge the suspects with Obstruction. Let them rot in jail for 6 to 9 years. I wonder if Steve Croes and friends might have something to say, if they know they are gonna do some jail time. But I guess this won't happen. Because Karin Jansen refuses to follow Dutch Law? Can anyone explain why she ignores the law and doesn't prosecute?

Anonymous said...

Meri, Just picking your brain: Now that the Kalpoes have made themselves liable in the CA courtsystem, by starting a case against Dr. Phil, doesn't it make the chances for BT and DH bigger? Wasn't it so that in the NY case, it was seen that NY had no 'standing' in the case. If K2 started a case, doesn't it now give CA a 'standing' in this case, and so makes the lawsuit of BT and DH more viable?

John C.

Anonymous said...

As soon as K2 set foot on US soil, the wind will get stronger in American Justice. We cannot let a little tiny kingdomlet of Aruba control the whole meaning of American people. People don't understand why Meri is so soft-boned. And she shouldn't be here talking like that. The principle of Domestic Relation laws is supposed to help us Americans to believe in ourselves, our law and order, and our constitution. The Dutch Queen can nominate the judges. The judges can indict the members of parliament. The parliament can dethrone the Queen. And people elect the parliament. So the Queen do have the decree power over the judicial coverup and corruptions in the investigation of Natalee's rape and murder. However, the Queen Beatrix ignores the plea from the American people with a cold stone heart. The Natalee's Injustice case is engulfing the whole kingdom of Netherlands. The whole world now have a good reason to view Holland and the Queen as the most prostitute and lawlessness of a barbaric middle age serfdom.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the Dr. Phil show will settle and consider it more likely that that the Kalpoe will withdraw their cause of action. Certainly, by now, someone has advised the Kalpoes that even if successful at the jury trial, any award will be considerably less than expended upon attorney fees and appellate reversal is a looming reality.

I am only curious as to who is funding the Kalpoes.

Anonymous said...

To increase the chance of winning the libel lawsuit in US and to resolve Deepak's visa problems, the Aruban government plan to arrange a widow government employee to marry Deepak in 2007. The woman is a white Dutch blonde woman in her forties. She still looks very attractive and has a great figure.

Anonymous said...

That is a brilliant idea. Deepak should have a white Dutch wife as soon as possible. That goes to Satish, he should also be granted a white Dutch wife. K2 were stretched too thin in this Dr Phil defamation case, 1K is enough, why need 2K, they just can't afford it. If possible, their new white Dutch wives can help to explain the Dutch laws to the American public during the depositions.

Anonymous said...

Agree. The Kalpoes are very unstable individuals. With their more mature and wise white Dutch wives sitting next to them, there are less chances that the Kalpoes can turn into loose cannons, bombarding and destroying their Aruban Dutch government's reputations. AHATA have to save Aruba's failing tourists economy. They cannot keep lying about their tourists numbers, cause the cruise ships are no longer docking at Aruba due to their corrupt and dirty police force. They were seeking briberies and covering up rapes and murders in the resort hotel area. Hereto, winning the K2 defamation lawsuit is the second step in reviving the island's tourism. Their first step is finished after spending over 20 millions us dollars advertising in New York's Media and Cable Channels. If they lose the lawsuit, all their advertising dollars are nil. Aruba government is very nervious about their future and survival possibility.