December 13, 2006


Summary - Murder & Crime on Aruba
Most Recent Year first as of 10/20/2006


1/06/2006 – An American couple is raging on Aruba. The couple was robbed yesterday … The Americans victim had become of a overval, where the robbers thousand dollars, credit card and the drivers license of the man buitmaakten. The victims were treated brutally with violence and incurred thereby light wounds.

(Source: Posted 9/14 at Scared Monkeys Murder & Crime (M&C) thread by msmarple, credit Blogs for Natalee (BFN)

1/06/2006 - A report which is circulating in Holland caught Diario’s attention, related to a declaration from the High Command of the police in Utrecht. Among other things, it is mentioned that with suicide cases, it is desired for all these cases, that DNA tests be conducted on the bodies. Two unsolved cases were illustrated, in the first instance the victim committed suicide but it resulted later after the test, that this was not the case.

(Source Diario)
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3/20/2006 – The ship Rachel S arrived in Aruba the Sunday of Carnaval Grandi with a dead person, Bernard Ramsaran, on board, and a local autopsy determined that the man died of natural causes (heart failure). However, an autopsy conducted in his country of Trinidad and Tobago disclosed that he died of traumatic asphyxia; e.g. strangled and choked. The body had visible marks of violence. As Diario asks, how did Aruba miss this one? (Interpol is investigating as a High Seas case.)

(Source Diario) - also see
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4/05/2006 - Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan, found on/in Guadirikiri cave. His body was mutilated, crucified, and set on fire. Death initially ruled a suicide and/or overdose; do not know whether that has changed.

(Source: Amigoe)

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4/18/2006 – Raul Croes attacked in a restaurant with a machete.

Solo di Pueblo. Posted 8/10 at M&C by Anna; credit to leslie

6/23/2006 – Unknown woman found in trash pile; Bondia prints graphic photo of corpse.

Posted 8/13 at M&C by msmarple update posted 8/14 by msmarple

6/2006 – Male corpse found floating offshore; reportedly a fisherman, wrapped in tarp. No further detail available.

Posted 8/22 at M&C by lexie.

Update from Hotshot via msmarple posted 8/29

– U.S. tourist “bothered” by “false polis” attempting to exchange sex for a “fine” for an undisclosed, not revealed, offense.

(Source: Amigoe)
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7/27/2006 – Gang rape and cell phone taping of 16-yr-old girl at school. Tape is uploaded to internet. Girl’s parents not pressing charges.

(Source: Diario) Posted 8/14 on LCD by sandy leiva on LCD; to M&C via msmarple

–British woman reports attempted rape.

(Source: Diario)

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8/21/2006 – Local female attacked at her Wayaca home by two men who hold knife to her throat; rob the house; demand to know where the woman’s husband, a polis officer, keeps his gun.

(Source: Amigoe)
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8/29/2006 – Diario reports the arrest of a man for attacking a female tourist at a restaurant.

Posted 10/17 at M&C thread by msmarple

9/03/2006 – U.S. tourist with 4 other people including 3 females, was assaulted by the bouncer and 5 patrons at Cafe Bahia. The tourist had 3 ribs broken and his left shoulder was fractured. Tourist says some of the patrons who attacked him were from the Curacao racing team.

Posted 10/16 at M&C thread by 2NJSons_Mom

9/18/2006 – Diario reports that a public employee working as a bouncer at a night club battered a tourist who subsequently required medical attention at the hospital. The bouncer was arrested and fired. The tourist returned home. This may be a report on the 9/03/2006 incident above.

(Source: Diario)
Posted 9/14 at M&C thread by msmarple,
posted by Klaas and Easywriter on LCD 9/18


3/2005 - Brazilian man murdered by another Brazilian man. BonDia? No details available now.

Posted 8/16 at LCD by Shizaru; to M&C via msmarple

4/30/2005 - Fatal shooting (victim “E.F.”) during a party near hotel La Cabana.

(Source: Amigoe)
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5/20/2005 – Tracy Allen (US tourist) assault attempt near Marriott Fisherman’s Huts (Hadacurari Beach). Provided composite sketch to FBI in December 2005 (sketch also provided to Aruba Polis). Ms. Allen told her story on Fox Big Story (Rita Cosby on March 12, 2006) SM has a comparison photo of a local who looks exactly like the sketch - (
picture here)

Posted 8/28 at M&C by msmarple, after mrs. red & san mention on LCD
msmarple phoned the FBI on 9/15 regarding the composite sketch seen here (LCD 9/14, p. 7. See picture here.)

– Natalee Holloway last seen with 3 locals leaving C&Cs. On FBI site “Seeking Information” - (

5/31/2005 – Rastaman “C.E.M.” fatally stabbed another man (victim Juni Tromp) on the beach.

(Source: Diario) Posted 8/19 at M&C by Sharon; credit to dkpen & BLEACHEDBLACK. Also by Appeals

2005 – U.S. tourist, female, with friends, same week Natalee went missing. Odd incident resembling an attempted kidnapping.

Posted 9/14 at M&C by SunFreak2

– Aru-Bay videotapes from afar, the curious incident of rock painting in broad daylight by Visibility Police and Polis. Also captured in this tape is what appears to be the recovery of a body. It is eventually claimed to be that of a 7-yr-old illegal immigrant from Columbia, and also that the body “had been found” a year earlier.

Why was he there, not in cemetery?

Posted 8/10 at M&C by msmarple. SunFreak2’s timeline quoted 8/13 at M&C by msmarple

6/18/2005 – Rene Michel van Heyningen found at a cemetery; partially decapitated; wife and/or “companion” charged.

Posted 8/10 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2

– Body found on a
boat. No further details available now.

Posted 8/29 at M&C by Appeals

6/23/2005 – This is the date “Combat Jack” posted about an armed gang robbing several casinos (including one he was in). He was told the next day that Polis caught them and most were killed. (Not sure of the credibility of this s
tory. Also no idea of when the alleged incident occurred, but taken in context, it was before Miss Holloway disappeared.) See article here

Posted 9/10 at M&C by Sharon

Summer 2005 – Two security guards jumped off building (separate episodes). La Cabana Hotel was the site of one (maybe both) of them. That there are two instances, same occupation, maybe same building that make this suspicious. There were at least two other reported suicides that summer – one “on the beach”, and one “30-yr-old woman”.

Posted 8/16 at M&C by Tidycat; and 8/29 by Appeals

11/04/2005 - Margarita Nedd-Panaqua, 35, from Dominican Republic. Stabbed by a jealous boyfriend.

Posted 8/10 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2

11/4/2005 - Galyson Lucas Winster, a 27 year old, reportedly a drug addict, shot in the head.

Posted 8/10 at M&C by Anna;
credit to SunFreak2

11/16/2005 - Robert Wayne Benson, 56 year old American expat, a Harley
Davidson mechanic, found dead, locked in a storage container behind the shop in Cura Cabay where he worked. (Have read that it was a suicide and natural cause (how can it be BOTH suicide and natural causes?)– but it’s the locked container that that seems strange. It has been disputed that it was locked on the inside, and also that it was locked on the outside. No further details were never reported.

(Source: Diario) Posted 8/10 at M&C by Anna; credit to SunFreak2


2004 – A USAToday story of 6/14/2005 implies there were 5 homicides in 2004, per Martijn Balkestein of the Central Bureau of Statistics. “Police have not provided a breakdown of offenses since 1995.”

Posted 9/11 at M&C by msmarple

2004 – Dave Holloway stated on Dana Pretzer’s radio show of 10/01/2006, that another girl went missing on Aruba a year before Natalee.

Posted 10/01 at M&C by msmarple

1/2004 – Brian Battjer’s “Ikeepa Diary” web album records his and a friend’s vacation on Aruba in January 2004. The photo journal includes “the attempted abduction of Brian's friend Scott, by a gay local named ‘Ramses’, with local ‘polis chief’ in attendance.” The abduction was foiled by Battjer, who intercepted the car with an unconscious Scott in passenger seat, by running after the vehicle and physically accosting Ramses.

Posted 8/30 by the big hammer on LCD with credit to BLEACHEDBLACK;
to M&C by msmarple 8/30

5/2004 – U.S. tourist Max Devrees, 14, traveling with his mother and younger sist
er (father was recently deceased). Apparently Max drowned; body never recovered. David Stacey Sr. (56, U.S.) is the older man Max went windsurfing with. Max’s mother was not satisfied with the investigation and was suspicious of Stacey. She started a foundation in his memory to benefit a hospital in their hometown. Meanwhile, some on Aruba claim it was an insurance scam and that Max & his family are living well somewhere in S. America.

Posted 9/14 at M&C by SunFreak2 (see p. 6 for full account)

7/30/2004 – Security Guard suicide. (
See article here)

Posted 8/29 at M&C by Appeals


2003 – U.S. tourist from North Shore Boston told a local TV station that on her last night on Aruba in 2003, a local man "… took me to … Carlos and Charlie's. He bought me drinks, and after we left the bar, he proceeded to take me to a parking lot where he assaulted me." Reported to Aruba Polis; no result.

Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic


1/29/2002 – U.S. tourist Gary Makings disappeared. Last seen when he left to go snorkeling. Was staying at the Arubahouse. More information on

Source) Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic


3/9/2001 – Bulgarian Poli Pantev shot in an elevator at Sonesta Hotel; shooting captured on security camera. Appeared to be drug-related.

Source) Posted 8/24 at M&C by msmarple.
Updates 8/25 by msmarple.
Also by Appeals 9/14 and SunFreak2

12/24/2001 – U.S. tourist “Marie” from Boston was dragged into a car as she was leaving Carols ‘n’ Charlie’s; the car drove away from the area and she was raped.

Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic


2000 - Registered deaths due to suicide in 2000: 6; due to homicide, 0.

(Source: Pan American Health Organization Special Program for Health Analysis - Core Health Data Initiative - Dept. of Public Health, Epidemiology & Research)

Posted 8/27 at M&C by ldstlou

2000 – “Five years ago a childhood friend of my husband was murdered in Aruba, a screwdriver was the weapon. As far as I know the murder was never solved, we were told it was drug related and the murderer was a local boy so the government did not do much of an investigation.” Ann Graham, Houston, TX (posted in 2005 to a message board here.)

Posted 9/04 at M&C by yapperz1


1999 – Registered deaths due to suicide in 1999: 2; due to homicide, 3.

(Source: Pan American Health Organization Special Program for Health Analysis - Core Health Data Initiative - Dept. of Public Health, Epidemiology & Research).
Posted 8/28 at M&C by msmarple

6/9/1999 – U.S. tourist Willard “Bud” Larson disappeared after a dispute at the Windsurf Village Board Shop

(Source) Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic


2/6/1998 – Italian boy Gianni Ferrara was kidnapped from Aruba and taken to Venezuela. Through Venezuelan efforts, the boy was forcibly freed on 4/22/1998; 38 people were arrested.

Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic

3/24/1998 – U.S. tourist Amy Lynn Bradley vanished from cruise ship just after dawn, while docked at Curacao. According to her parents, crew members had tried to get her to go with them to Carlos ‘n’ Charlie’s in Aruba, on the night before she vanished.

Source) Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic. Updated 9/14 by msmarple


1996 – U.S. female tourist was shot and murdered by two robbers while in ARUBA.

Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic

8/24/1996 – Richard Henriquez last seen on Aruba. He was being treated for a nervous condition at a local facility. Possibly in South America.

Source) Posted 9/16 at M&C by msmarple

1996 – U.S. couple traveling with four friends - the two of them were drugged and taken from the hotel casino. Husband was locked in a back room of The Rio Grande. Wife was taken “out to the desert” and raped and beaten. The group was staying at Holiday Inn. Reported to Polis, but no results.

Posted 8/27 at M&C by yapperz1, link to Free Republic

A Tourist in 1996:

My heart aches for Natalee and her family. I've known from the minute Natalee was announced missing on the TV, exactly what happened to her. I have been in touch with the FBI, and they have my statement. I have been to Aruba 3 times, and the last time was HORRIBLE.

In 1996, I went with my husband and 4 friends. We stayed at the same hotel Natalee stayed at. My husband and I were both drugged, taken from the hotel casino. My husband was locked in a back room of the bar The Rio Grande, I was taken out to the desert, and didn’t come out of the black out until the next morning. I had been raped and beaten. I was fortunate enough to talk my way out of the situation, promising I wouldn’t go to the police.

When I got back to my hotel, my husband and a friend did go to the police is just like you've seen on the TV for the Holloway-Twitty family. They did NOTHING to help us at all. Even with the police knowing, that the casino-workers and the Commissioner of the casino had a problem with the "man", and were also willing to help my husband and I.

We switched hotels that day, and stayed in most of the time we were there. The night before we were to leave all 6 of us decided to go to the beach. That "man" showed up. My husband and cousin got a hold of him, we asked a hotel worker to call the police (they took almost an hour to get there). We told them what had happened and they simply put him in the back of the police jeep uncuffed, and drove away with him.

I guess we were all in shock, my husband and I just glad to be leaving both alive.
They have never mentioned on the news the brothel out in the desert behind the Holiday Inn pass the light house, that’s were I was taken to, a police-woman told me that it was a whore-House, no big deal??

I have tried to get in touch with the Beth Holloway, I think I could maybe help her or at least tell her that Natalee didn’t feel any pain, as I said I was drugged and I don’t remember anything until the next day. A lot of parents are now coming on TV again with the same situations of missing children from all islands, but none have gotten any justice or even an answer. It seems I am the only one to have survived.

I pray for Natalee and her family every morning and every night, and badly wish there was a way to comfort her mom, who has been, and has had to be, a very strong woman. My husband had to only endure a couple hours of not knowing if I was alive or what happened. He said he can’t imagine how they feel. So our hearts and prayers are with them daily. I hope this all ends soon for them, no mother should have to be put through this.

I haven’t been able to talk about what happened to me for 9 years, but I would do ANYTHING to help Natalee and her family.

A.Cormier (Source)


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