December 14, 2006


Sue! Sue! Sue! It has just been reported that both Satish and Deepak Kalpoe are suing Dr. Phil for the alleged 'tampered audio tape' of Jamie Skeeters and Deepak that was aired on the Dr. Phil show last year. In addition, John Q. Kelly filed a wrongful death lawsuit in California against the brothers. More details to follow. Why is Satish suing? He wasn't even involved in that taped conversation? I'd like to know what their cause of action is and where they are filing suit...which jurisdiction? This should be interesting to say the least.

I don't know how it can be PROVEN the tape was altered. I also don't know how or why JQK is choosing California as the state of jurisdiction to file the wrongful death action. Is this more money wasted full of empty hopes???


Anonymous said...

Actually I can't wait. I'm dying to hear what an expert has to say about Skeeters hard drive copy of the event.

Deb357 said...

FBI has already announced over a year ago after looking over the tapes. They said they were legit.

Anonymous said...

The Kalpoes had dug their own graves for themselves, including for Joran, Paulus and Anita. They have nowhere to run and hide now. LA courts have the most powerful Hague Convention subpena directives in the world. Holland owes billions of dollars to the Hollywood on the adult entertainments businesses. LA has a choke hold on Holland on the legal money transaction (laundaring) issues.

Anonymous said...

No Deb, tapes were not labeled legit. The FBI really had no dealings with this case of a missing girl. One person was not worth all that time. Especially during times of war. Get the facts straight. I know that is hard with all the hot air being passed around for the last year and a half. Time to move one kids.

Deb357 said...

anonymous, coward, affraid to show your name. LOL

Do you honestly think Skeeters would put his reputation on the line? Seriously, you must be an idiot if you think he would just throw his career down the tubes over some two bit murdering, rapist punk.

Skeeters was smart not to let ALE or Officials touch the original tape(s). It would disappear like all the other evidence has along with the other cover-ups along the way.

Skeeters had the FBI and other professional experts examine the tapes and, YES, they DID say they were legit. It was ALE and Officials that claim the tapes were tampered with. NOT Hollands experts. They were edited for an hour show, not tampered with. So if 45 USA experts and FBI say they are legit, that's good enough for me. Your word means nada to me nor anyone elses.

So you are the one who seems to need to get the facts straight, as hard as it is to do, troll.