December 14, 2006


The only good thing about this situation is that it's keeping Natalee in the news. We will NOT GIVE UP! KEEP ON THE PRESSURE!


SOURCE The Kelly Group

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles

Allegations in the lawsuit against Deepak and Satish Kalpoe include claims that they caused the death of Natalee Holloway by "intentionally, negligently, wantonly...unlawfully conducting themselves" to bring about her fatal injuries.

(What happened to their theory that they don't know where she is? Remember when Joran said, if she was alive and came back I'd hate her? The inconsistencies are endless...)

The wrongful death action was filed as a related case to an action the Kalpoes filed against the "Dr. Phil Show," and others.

Natalee's parents' attempt to get justice in Aruba have been repeatedly frustrated -- which is why we welcome the opportunity to file this civil case in Los Angeles," New York attorney John Q. Kelly, who represents both Beth and Dave Holloway in this action, said. "By filing this wrongful death suit, we hope to capitalize on the Kalpoe's decision to utilize the California courts in a frivolous claim for compensation, and give Natalee's parents the closure they need and deserve."

Great job by Klaasen for getting the here for the lawsuit


Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the end. This lawsuit got the support of the Hollywood powerhouse people, including the terminator governor. It's a black hole, it's going to suck the whole Aruba and Holland people into it. Kalpoes, Karin, Dompig, Joran, Paulus, Odubar, the Queen, ... , etc. The Democaratic Congress Judicialary Investigative commitee may weight in, why not, it's a win win situation.

Anonymous said...

Karma, baby.

mayan_moons said...

I'm going with BITCHSLAPPED!

Isn't it Great Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Too much Aruban corrupts and influences in New York Court System. All the judges and politicians are bought off by the Dutch and Aruban government on the coverup of Natalee's murder in Aruba. Los Angeles and New York City are competitors in media attentions on the west coast and in the east. New York City have too many timeshare investments in Aruba and do not want Joran's notority in town, and thus why NYC decided to throw out the Non Convenience Civil Case. New York Lawyer Joe Tacopina sucks. When he comes to town in Los Angles, he will be stoned, cuz Joran will be dragged down by the Kalpoes to testify for their multibillions libel lawsuit. There will be another new OJ style trial for the J2K in Los Angeles. There is no escape for the J2K and the corrupt Aruban judges Rick Smid and Bob Witt who are the willing obstruction of justices for Natalee.

Auntiem said...

I would really like to know where "anonymous" above gets his/her information regarding New York courts and their Dutch and Aruban connections, New Yorkers with timeshares in Aruba and the New "Civil War" between East and West. What a lot of anti-fellow American nonsense, what a load of CRAP!!!!!