December 14, 2006


This is the Judge that will be presiding over the civil case against the Kalpoes.

Hon. Robert L. Hess

Check out his credentials here

Good lord...he was the Judge in the lawsuit against 'Aaanold' Swartzenegger's sexual harassment suit before he was elected Governor. Read on here.


Anonymous said...

Judge Hess will drag in Steve Cohen for pre-questioning. Judge Hes is so irritated by the unethical act of Steve Cohen opening the Aruban jail door for Joran. Steve Cohen has tarnished the reputations of all the LA celebrities. He is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Steve Cohen is rumored to hide in Amsterdam. If the Dutch refused to turn over Steve Cohen to the LA authority, the LA county airport can revoke the landing rights of all the KLM airliners. It is juridictional rights of the local airport authorities to do so to comply with new homeland security acts and laws.

Anonymous said...

Steve Cohen is the key to break this Natalee Murder case. He said Dr Phil Show all three murder suspects are guilty of Natalee's disappearance. Steve Cohen and his business addresses are in LA. Judge Hess has his full authority and jurisdiction, and he is thrilled to hear the wrongful death of Natalee civil case against the J2.

Anonymous said...

The K2 lawsuit is the brain child of the behind the scene advisor Steve Cohen. Now it backfired, and he fled to Amsterdam this early morning. Since SC is American citizen, he has no escape, he has to answer to the wrongful death lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

JQK is the hottest show on earth, he will convict K2J and free Aruba from Devil.