December 07, 2006


I read Jossy's latest article yesterday. I am very happy that he is printing more things about the case, keeping it alive and especially presenting his articles in English. However... We all know there were more than one involved in whatever happened to Natalee. This is not new. I have never doubted that AT LEAST Joran AND Deepak were there. That is why they are both blaming each other. If one goes down the other goes with him. Let’s just see how long their endurance is.

Freddy was also mentioned. Hello? Haven’t we been saying that skinny greaseball has had the answer for how long now? I personally believe Freddy was either there, or was supposed to be there. Regardless, he’s been told what happened and he knows. Why don’t the police break him? Why don't they re-question him? Why? Because they don't want to. I wonder if Freddy has other legal troubles being a child pornographer and all…

Jossy also states that there is a possibility of extradition of Joran. I don’t believe that will happen. I hope it does, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Every time there is a sniff of possible good news it goes bad…or we are still waiting. I’m just going to hold tight and see what happens.

"Preparations can be under way to petition internationally for an order of arrest via the Interpol for those who the U.S. wants to extradite because, as those sources say, they will get them any part of the world and will bring them to justice."

I am not very familiar with international law, but I believe these rules would be questioned and appealed because the provisions on Interpol's website are very broad and are open for interpretation. In addition, which U.S. ‘higher power’ would actually go through the manpower, resources, and endless paperwork to request that Joran be extradited? The FBI hasn't done anything. We already know that Condoleeza Rice doesn’t give a rat’s ass—and the Dutch nor Aruba have re-arrested them. Can we hire Dog the Bounty Hunter instead? I prefer the latter. I highly doubt that the United States government is going to get involved. I wish I was wrong.

Read about Interpol here


(Source)--Oranjestad (AAN) As promised to the peoples of Aruba and the U.S.A., DIARIO will continue with its investigation on the missing girl, Natalee Holloway, and will publish legitimate documents accompanied by analysis and questions that sooner or later will bring out the truth. Today, the investigative team of DIARIO is publishing part of an official report given by a Dutch police officer who came to Aruba to interrogate Joran van der Sloot among others.

The Dutch police officer states that Joran van Der Sloot is aware of the possibility that exists that one day the American authorities will ask for his extradition due to the fact that the missing girl (Natalee) is an American Citizen. Joran's reaction was that he began to laugh!!!

Now Joran began to laugh because he was afraid or because he felt reassured because he was told beforehand that "no body, no crime"?

From this same official report one can deduct that Joran again throws the ball in Deepak Kalpoe's corner, because he tells the Dutch officer that if they interrogate Deepak in the same manner that they interrogated Joran, then Deepak for sure will tell the truth. Which truth? How come the Dutch police officer did not ask Van der Sloot about which truth he was referring to?

Joran also said that if some weeks before they had interrogated him in the aforementioned manner, then the truth would have come out much faster!

Again the question remains: to what truth is Joran referring to? The supposed truth that he left Natalee behind all alone on the beach? That is the truth that he so heavily sustained during so many weeks with his mouth closed, turn all sorts of story around, remain without speaking, become fresh with the police interrogators, come every time with a different story to contradict other stories, and that show that he had been lying from the beginning?

The question now is: what is Joran referring to with this 'different form of interrogation'? How come they did not continue with this 'different form of interrogation' of the suspects, to determine what happened to Natalee and where Natalee is?

The culminating part of this procesvebaal (official report) is that when the police officer mentioned the following: "I, De Ruiter, mentioned to Van der Sloot that there was no interest in lying to him about this fact (he is referring to the declaration of Freddy Zedan Arambatzis) because the importance of the declaration made by the witness Zedan Arambatzis, was directed towards the fact that Joran had already on the 30th of May told Freddy the story about the Holliday Inn and that Joran told Freddy also that "they" went into panic when Natalee remained "passed out"!

Everyone can read today what was put black on white "Dat ze" went into panic, and the "Ze" here in Dutch shows that more than one person was involved in that part about entering into panic, because "ze" is plural.

There is nowhere in this official report that Joran hurriedly contradicted the Dutch police when reference was made to "They" entered into panic and said that there were no other people involved!!!

Seeing that the Dutch officer himself mentions that "they" entered into panic, according to the declaration of Freddy Zedan, then there were more than one person involved and everyone can reach his own conclusion that Freddy Zedan knows those who he himself referred to as "they", or in Papiamento "nan". "They" went into panic when Natalee remained passed out!!! This means that more than one person was present when Natalee remained passed out and where are these people who were with Natalee when she remained passed out?On the beach like "they" want the police and everyone else to believe, or elsewhere? Do they who belong to the group referred to as "they" realize now that the circle is slowly closing around "them"? For those who understand what this means, few words are necessary!

The strange part is that Joran declared to the Dutch policeman based on his questions, that he had recently spoken to the witness Freddy Zedan Arambatzis, and that during that conversation, Joran asked Freddy why he mentioned the date of 30 May, and Van der Sloot told the policeman that he (Freddy) just mentioned a date and that the witness in truth heard the story from Van der Sloot himself the day after Natalee disappeared.

Here's another point in the investigation that proves very controversial and even questions severely the fact that a suspect in police custody or is under investigation, even has the possibility and facility to speak to one of the witnesses, that is Freddy Zedan Arambatzis.

In which part of the world can a suspect under police investigation for the disappearance of someone, get the possibility to speak to a witness who is his friend?

On which day did Joran speak with Freddy, where and who gave Joran (while in police custody) the great privilege to speak to a witness who can declare in his favor?

Reading the expositions of the Dutch police officer, who mentioned extradition to Joran, sources in the U.S. are indicating that they are waiting for the opportune moment to ask for the extradition of Joran van der Sloot, the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, Freddy Arambatzis,
and other names that have not yet been made public.

Preparations can be under way to petition internationally for an order of arrest via the Interpol for those who the U.S. wants to extradite because, as those sources say, they will get them any part of the world and will bring them to justice; in Aruba they won't get as many years in prison like in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

I never thought that the Netherlands government would get involved. I am sure that the timing of the Queen's recent visit to their islands was a result American grassroots pressure. The US government never petitioned the Dutch government to get involved. She went there the same time that the Netherlands got more involved. The FBI tried to get involved earlier. How can we pressure our government to extradite the Dutch elite criminals. I am troubled that the sons and other relatives of corrupt Aruban officials prey on American women. Our government has to make a strong statement to protect American tourists.

Anonymous said...

American tourists are in danger in these places where our laws and protocol cannot protect them. Thats the message. The pressure will continue. Too bad it is all in the name of saving one Dutch teenager.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Some very good points, but keep the following in mind:

Jossy Mansur ONLY WANTS TO SELL NEWSPAPERS. Whatever he ussually puts as commentary in his newspaper only serves one purpose: His own agenda.
In all the years that I have known him (and his son who is one of the editors of the Diario), he has gone whichever way the wind is blowing at that time. Years ago he was anti-AVP, pro-MEP, because of the extradition of his cousin to the US on Drug Charges (So for those with that question in mind, it is possible, but you need PROOF. No PROOF, No extradition). Back then the AVP was in the government, and he held them personably responsible for that. At this moment he is pro-AVP, Anti-MEP, because it serves his purposes.
I know you are looking for anything positive, but make sure to know who or what the person is you're dealing with. Jossy is here only for one purpose: His own.

John C.

Deb357 said...

John C.

Would this be John C. Croes by any chance? Since you mentioned "in all the years that I have known Jossy and son". That would make one think you live in Aruba.

Deb357 said...

John C.

Would this be John C. Croes by any chance? Since you mentioned "in all the years that I have known Jossy and son". That would make one think you live in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Hey John. I don't care if Jossy is in it only for his own purpose. And as long as it coinsides with finding Natalee. And putting the screws to the people involved with the coverup. It works for me. Happy Trolling

Auntiem said...

I don't think Jossy had any idea how big and how long this case would turn out to be when he extended his hand and heart to the Twittys when they first arrived on Aruba. Selling newspapers, was the farthest thing from his mind when he befriended this grieving mother. It takes a very shallow person to look at this man and see him as only the editor of a newspaper, and not the humanitarian, with the guts to stick his neck out and "buck the system" on the island on which he lives!!!! My hat is off to Jossy, a GOOD MAN!!