January 28, 2007


By Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Jan Peter Balkenende

January 28, 2007

The Hon. Jan Peter Balkenende
Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs
Ministry of General Affairs
Binnenhof 20
P.O. Box 20001 2500
The Hague
The Netherlands


Emboldened by your courteous reply of August 23 to my previous letters, I am again taking the liberty of writing in regard to the case of Natalee Holloway, missing in Aruba.

You are doubtless aware that Karin Janssen, formerly chief prosecutor for Aruba, has returned to the Netherlands. She claims that she wished to renew her contract, in large part to continue pursuing the Natalee Holloway case, but that this was not allowed. Whatever the truth of her claim, her presence in the Netherlands provides an opportunity for you to hear directly about this matter from a responsible Aruban official.

No doubt it is presumptuous for me to suggest that such an interview be held, if it has not been done already, but given the urgency of the matter at hand I hope that you will excuse my zeal. Letting the public know that such an interview has been held could stimulate Aruban interest in the case and help dispel suspicions that interest in finding a solution is lacking.

The public might also appreciate your confronting Joran van der Sloot and demanding clarification of his statement that “someday, but not now” he would disclose the “truth” of what happened to Natalee Holloway.

In my view, his intransigence could indicate his presence in a law-abiding country such as the Netherlands is not in the public interest. Many Americans fail to understand why carrying out searches for Natalee Holloway has become the duty of her family and volunteers, not of Aruba. The Dutch navy has vessels stationed in the Caribbean to fight narcotics traffickers; is it not possible to deploy some of these, and the skills of their trained personnel, in a water search?

Likewise, I am sure that the family know what land areas of Aruba have been searched; a joint effort by our two nations would demonstrate that while Aruba is indifferent, the Netherlands is not. I remain grateful for your willingness to receive suggestions in our bilateral tragedy.


Anonymous said...

the disappearance of this girl is sad and tragic. having said that this blog is a misplaced and futile effort. one blog wont hurt aruban turism, the damage is done and aruba is on the rebound. but thats not even my point. blaming aruba for this girls dissapearence is like blaming california for the lacy peterson murder. i hope that the person who created this blog will see the error of their ways and spend there time in more productive ways.

Anonymous said...

dude I think Lacy Peterson's killer is behind bars is he not ?

Anonymous said...

"the disappearance of this girl is sad and tragic" HOW COMPLETELY HOLLOW, UNCARING, AND CONSISTENT WITH PAST PERFORMANCE!
"blaming aruba for this girls dissapearence is like blaming california ..." ONCE AGAIN YOU MIS-STATE. NO ONE BLAMES ARUBA FOR THE DISSAPPEARANCE OF NATALEE! WE BLAME ARUBA FOR THE COVERUP!

Anonymous said...

I have it from several sources that they are 100% positive Natalee was not put in a dumpster. Natalee's case went to missing person within 36 hours due to Beth and Jug causing so much disturbance - the dumpsters were not dumped until Friday and by then ALE had put out the word and all commercial dumpsters were checked. Natalee was NOT put in a commercial dumpster. I don't care whether you believe it or not - but there is a reason it has not been brought up by anyone in the know (Beth et al)...and we all know Beth would have said SOMETHING before now if she thought it possible.

No the surveillance was not 24/7 - do you need to surveil someone at school or work? How about at a Casino with 200 other witnesses? How about when you can see they are actively online or on the phone? ALE hoped J2K would lead them to Natalee but with the element of surprise already gone they just finally arrested them all.

As to Paulus being involved they did do forensics on ALL the VDS vehicles and use 2 different cadaver dogs from the US on the house and grounds. There was NO SIGN of a dead body anywhere, and cadaver dogs would have scented that even WEEKS after. There was no forensic evidence found - not ANY. There was no trace of a dead body having been present on the property or in the cars, neither dog alerted even ONCE. They confiscated all the computers and all the household phones were tapped.I would imagine ALE pretty much knew where Paulus was most of the time too and they did arrest him so they could question him and further intimidate Joran. Pretty quickly he was out again - obviously there was even LESS to hold him on than J2K and they are having to pay him a settlement now for their useless stunt.

I am not convinced the MB group has told all. I think a lot of detail was left out to protect Natalee's family and themselves. Chil out and read my post - I never said I suspected them of doing something to Natalee, I said there was possibly info that could be valuable in a re-kindled investigation.

The truth is we have no idea WHAT Natalee had with her. It is pretty simple for an 18 year old to get a fake ID saying s/he is 21 even in Mountain Brook AL. My niece got one, my nephew got one - it is almost a given in many places that you get one before you go to college. And the FBI would have no idea if she had a fake ID or passport, would they? And the FBI didn't put Natalee on the Int'l Missing List. Some dark hair dye, a haircut, a tan and some sunglasses and even people who knew Natalee might not recognize her. WE think EVERYONE knows about Natalee, but in reality in most countries and even in parts of the US Natalee just wasn't that important and the reward not publicized. If Natalee doesn't want to be found, it would be easy to hide in plain sight in 95% of the world. AND again, I clearly stated it would be improbable that this is what happened, but not impossible. We cannot know how Natalee felt about college, her mother, her step-father, her step-siblings or the situation at home. People with millions have walked away from their lives for a variety of reasons, logical and illogical. Having what looked like to people outside it, a perfect life, is no guarantee it was perfect to Natalee. I personally think that Natalee was a lot more unhappy with her life than people have been led to believe. But that is just MY OPINION and MY GUT FEELING. I do not pretend to know if Natalee was deliriously happy with her life or hated every second and BEth,Jug and Dave all refused to be questioned about Natalee's state of mind or family history.

And the FBI cannot take over the case - even if ALE asked them too, they cannot just take over and start running and investigation in another country. And the US does not have the last word in investigation or forensics. The Netherlands actually rates higher than the US in many areas. They also can use interrogation techniques that would be considered police brutality here, especially if used on a 17 year old denied any rights afforded juvenile suspects here. ALE had a much better chance of breaking any ONE of the 3 than we would have here in the US. Most hardened suspects would have broken after a week, as 95% + of the ALE'S suspects do and yet 3 naive boys didn't. By the time 3 mos was up I bet Joran would have said his Mother did it if he thought it would get him out of daily interrogations.

I think they are innocent because they are, after all, human and surely one of them would have screwed up by now and said or done something incriminating. These are not super smart people here capable of the perfect crime - average IQ at the best. Heck, Paulus couldn't even get thru "judge school" after 18 mos of trying and yet he is being credited with masterminding a perfect crime....with jet lag, no less.

To some people J2K will be guilty forever, no matter what. Short of Natalee turning herself in somewhere these people have been rendered guilty in the eyes of a lot of Americans. I read a lot info and do a lot of crime research on interesting unsolved cases. I have noted the nastiness and bigotry and hate that many people have for someone they are SURE is guilty of a horrible crime...often without cause. Mark Lundsford and his family were villified everywhere simply because he was a blue collar biker and no-one really believed a child could be stolen in the night from her bed. But it turns out she was and while Mark was being crucified by the press and the public his daughter was in a plastic bag under the steps across the street - killed by a pedo that wasn't even supposed to be there. There are bad people all over the world - and even more likely in places like Aruba where there are more tourists than locals on any given day. For all we know Natalee slept till dawn on the beach and while she was walking back to the hotel some Ted Bundy wanna be with a sling on his arm or a crutch asked her to help him with his boat and in return he took her on a "last boat ride". Makes just as much sense as some if the things I have read here.

If people truly believe that J2K did something to Natalee then they should at least construct their arguments on truths and facts, not heresay and supposition. If they are guilty, then the truth should be enough to prove that. And despite the hate, no real Judicial System in the WORLD (including a Federal Trial in the USA) is going to be able to convict J2K of murder on the basis of them telling some lies. That and the admission by them they were with Natalee and are at present the last known to have seen her alive does not a murder case make - and when you boil it down, that is all we know as the truth at present.

Anonymous said...

The Arubans are the collateral damage caused by the j2k grand lies. Boycott is the only punishment that will work and now is working very well on starving off Aruba's lifehood. Aruba will have to tell the truth soon.

Anonymous said...

This mug shot portraits a cold blood merciless Dutch liar. People hate the Dutch so much now that they don't trust the Dutch anymore. They don't buy gas from the Dutch gas stations because the Dutch lied about their new octane buster chemical additive.