January 20, 2007


I've been overwhelmed by people leaving messages regarding the recent articles about missing American tourist, Joel Gove.

There have been such comments as:

Why do some of you Americans have to result trash talking Saba. That is not going to help find him. Really people!! I believe That Mr. Gove had his own agenda and his family need to come clean about his history in order to help the investigation. Don't come to Saba to spoil our home because your home is a mess!!

Why is it that most Americans come to the Caribbean if we are such savages? Why don’t they just go visit other parts of the US? Oh, could it be the reason that your lifestyles are BORING.

(...and if anyone should be considered savages it should be Americans who clearly would do anything for money!)Yeah, you have the right to think what you want but to destroy Saba’s reputation just shows how senseless and ignorant you are.

First of all, this blog has never demeaned or said anything negative about the island of Saba. Certain things that anonymous posters write are not always my opinion. The reason why I brought this tragedy was brought up is because it is another Dutch owned island and the initial statement made by a Saban official that putting up missing posters would be bad for tourism. It was merely used as a parallel to how things are not only in Aruba, but in other dutch owned islands.

I have no doubt the residents feel safe and love their island. I also am not passing judgment on the police work or whatever Saban officials have done regarding this case...not only because I do not possess all the facts of the case because there is a lack of information reported.

I realize that bad things happen everywhere, but the point of this particular post was to warn and remind people traveling OUTSIDE their country of danger. Americans don't receive the same privileges or justice in other countries. This is just another sad example.


Anonymous said...

I believe you used some of the Saban people's comments to your own advantage. The reason some of the locals wrote those things was because some anonymous bloggers were writing ridiculous lies about Saba. Therefore the locals wrote back in defence of their island. You have only told part of the story now in your article, using the local's comments to your advantage to make them look bad.
Saba and Aruba have no similarities whatsoever, besides being Dutch islands and having an American citizen go missing. I believe it is wrong for you to compare the two islands based on this, because it is two completely different cases with different circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Saba and Aruba are same secret criminal Dutch islands. Just remember Dutch are looking suspicious everywhere they go and doing in this world. The Dutch are just ba, ba, and ba, keeping blaming on the missing victims on their islands. Also Saba is a gay island, everyone should be aware of it. Still the main issue is the local Dutch police are refusing to talk to the family and the American media. Why?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say - but that is the last anyone will see of Mr. Gove. That 'no body no case' scenario is well known through out the Dutch thiefdom now.

These Dutch scumbags all know the way to make sure you are never convicted is to disappear the body. Its not a secret anymore.

For those of you still willing to risk travel to a Dutch protectorate, better think twice.

Using the previous model for disappearances on Aruba and the time between each disappearance, we are now due for another American to go missing on Aruba. Dont let it be you.

Anonymous said...

It will happen again soon. Another white blonde American will disappear from these Dutch death islands. The cannibalism theory is developing on these Dutch Antillies which had a history of cannibals in the past. These Dutch white elites worship Bifone, the sex death body god which consumes corpses for sexual pleasures. Saba is a remote Dutch hideaway cove, and the place is very spooky, just don't go there. Boycott the Dutch.

some one proud not to be american said...

you people have the balls to talk so about saba but dont have the balls to state your name why not talk about the innocent americans your wonderfull presendent is killing each and every day in iraq geeze i wander if any of those soldiers are blondes oh wait blondes only go to aruba you guys talk so much about find out what happened to who why cant america find out who shot 2-pac damn i thaught american was the best but it seems to me that all americans are just cridics

Tim van Oosteren said...

Just as there are flaws in the Dutch system there are flaws (huge flaws) in the American system and in every system. Again the people that place these rediculous comments have never been to Saba and have probably never even met a dutch citizen. These comments just prove to us, the dutch, that you (the people that place these comments) are really and truly brainwashed by the media. Haven't your parents ever taught you not to beleive everything you hear. Everyone knows that news channels such as cnn or fox news and many more are pro american so of course they would never say it was just a dumb guy that got lost or skipped out of town because he is american. Notice how I also write this to the people that placed the rediculous comments. My reason for this is because of course I am not referring to all americans because I know better, I know there are many great americans out there. I know this because I have actually MET them for myself and also have american friends and they should not fall into the few fools that think like you guys do. And I am also wise and honest enough to say that what went down in Aruba I also think was quite odd and know that there are a lot of people hiding things, but this will not make me belittle the good Arubans out there and the island of Aruba, common people wake up. This will be the last time I write something because I am pretty sure that if you can write something as stupid as what is written in some of these comments that you will not even try to ponder about what I am saying. I just had to let the good americans out there know that we are in no way referring to all americans because we know better so holla if ya hear me, LOL. Just as there are disturbed dutch persons out there, there are disturbed americans and chinese and indians, etc. But we do know that there are also many good people out there and should not fall in the disturbed catogory because of the few that are. By the way I am Dutch and am VERY proud to be, so so so wha? Tell me so wha????LOL. Blessings people, also many blessings for the disturbed out there. PEACE!

Deb357 said...

People in general, not just from America, are very concerned and sceptical and they have reason to be. We don't want to see a repete of what happened in Natalee Holloway case with authorities. That has nothing to do with the people or Saba itself. We are speaking on your authorities only.

The family of Grove stated that Saba authorities would not allow them to place up missing posters in fear of it harming their tourism. Those words alone send up a red flag and people are thinking..."Oh no, here we go again". You can not blame us in that case. Now, since some of you stated that there ARE missing posters of Grove all over Saba, then that makes me feel much better about the situation. And if FBI is getting involved and feel things are being handled properly, that makes me feel even more better and hopful for Grove to be found, if he is still on Saba.

Are there any sink holes or well holes or old mine holes that Grove could of possibly fell into and can't get back out? Do they by chance go into water and could cause him to drown? Or one of those holes he could of fell in and it caved in on top of him and being Saba is so lush green difficult to be seen? A lot of questions to be asked since I don't know anything about Saba or it's turrain.

And I don't have a problem signing my name here. Doesn't make one difference if I do or not. An oppinion is an oppinion.

Anonymous said...

I have a solution.

Let's just boycott everything south of Miami. It will make the inhabitants of those islands happy and provide some safety for us.

Tara Hassell said...

Ok, this is my third comment. Seriously people? Cannibalism now? we worship sex gods? This is the most imaginative bunch of idiots ive ever encountered.

Mr. Gove went missing. The police are doing everything they can to find him.

People in the US go missing every day. Some never found.

I live in the US. I get the post cards in the mail.

It happens everywhere. Would any of you be so concerned if this was a tourist from another country?

Give it a rest.

For those of you that would actually not travel to another country based on a blog, we don't like ignorant guests anyway.

If I go down to Miami after work tonight, and I end up missing, are any of you coming to look for me? Are any of you going to write blogs about me? Is the FBI coming to see where I went?

Deb357 said...

tara hassell...

If you go to Miami and end up missing and there is an obvious cover-up you can bet your boots I will protest against the authorities there and you can also bet the FBI or higher ups will be in the middle of it as well.

Unless you stumbled into some undercover op of the Feds or Government that is secret to torrism and got caught up in the middle of it, then sometimes, on rare occassions, people are deleted out of the system and placed under another assummed name for their own protection. But I highly doubt that would happen to you. LOL

m. johnson said...

Dear deb357
As far as I know there are no sink holes in Saba. The one old sulpher mine that Saba has was searched extensively, even to the point that the firemen had to use oxygen bags in the farest tunnels. Gove was last seen near this mine, so the authorities made sure to search there. The mine can be dangerous and tourist are advised to not go there, especially alone. They should go with guide. Saba has many cliffs, and it's possible that Mr.Gove could have fallen over. However, the coast guard and police helicopter have searched the coast line, and haven't found anything. It's a real mystery and i pray he can be found. But I want you to know that the authorities are working their hardest to find him. No one has ever gone missing on Saba like this before, and it has everyone shocked and baffled. If you would like to know more about Saba you can visit www.sabatourism.com

Anonymous said...

There is no obvious cover-up. The authorities (and many citizens) have been doing everything they can to find Mr. Gove and continue to do so. Mr. Gove's family is pleased with the way things have been handled and presented a letter to Saba's Lt. Governor to this effect.
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion but maybe some of the people on this blog should get their facts straight before they spew forth their ignorance.

Deb357 said...

m. johnson...

Thank you for the reply.

If Gove fell off or over a cliff could his fall be broken and he be caught between another cliff where bush is covering him causing his body to be out of view or difficult to see at all? Or are there wild life that could get to him?
Sorry for all the questions.

A. Hassel said...

Wow, This blog space amazes me everytime I come online. Yes, I'm a Saban citizen and a DAMN proud one. Our island is small and unique. Its not infested with Gay rapist or convicted murders as appartently most feel. What happened to Mr. Gove is extremely strange and sad. The island's police, governemnt, fire department, marine park, coast gaurds and numerous locals are searching for Mr. Gove daily. However it doesn't seem to be enough.
Our island is being accused of all sorts of ludacris things. If all Dutch ppl and Saba ppl as hell we're Dutch were that bad, why the hell would we still be looking for this guy?? Can any of the ignormant bloggers actually say that if a person went missing in a part of the US that they lived in would they be part of and extensive search trying to locate the person? I think not!
Come on ppl person's go missing or are killed in the US on a daily bases, why aren't you all mentioning that or acknowledging it? Tell me this if someone from the Caribbean went missing or where murdered in the US while they were on vacation would anyone care?? I personally dont think it would get as much attention as a the matter with Mr. Gove.Coming to think of it, Why has anyone mention the Angtigian family that visted the US recently, where both the mother and her child were killed, why wasn't that mention in US newspapers? Sadly it was only mention in the Caribbean Newspapers! What does that tell you!

But like Tim van Oosteren said above, they are bad ppl all over the world, just like there are millions of good ppl all over the world. Find out more about the situation before you write all kinds or negitive comments about a place you know absolutely nothing about. Don't condem Dutch ppl or Saba ppl if you know nothing about them or the place they come from!

Yes we're all annoyed that ppl are trying to distroy our island, how would you feel if someone made a blog similar to this derating and bad talking the US? Common sense goes a long way, try and use it or try and get some!

O by the way why hasn't anyone thought on adding the letter that Mr. Gove's family sent the island government extending there thanks and gratitude to island and islanders.

SabaGuy said...

Hi deb357,

Questions are good so please don't hesitate to ask. Saba is basically a huge cone coming out of the water. There are no real beaches and many, many cliffs. Some drop offs go a thousand feet or so straight down to the sea. There is a guide-only trail called North Coast that is near the old sulfur mine. It is the least developed trail (hence guide-only) and has these kinds of drop offs. Once a guided group I was with on this trail encountered a place that had been washed away down a cliff. A few of the people wanted to go ahead and try to pass but the guide's better sense prevailed and we turned back. That was 3 hours into the hike.

Deb357 said...


Thanks for replying and the information.
So there could not be a cliff Gove could of fell onto to break his fall to the bottom, and bushes would cover his body and not seen...he would fall directly straight down into the water?
I can't imagine such a drop off thousands of feet down. Hitting the edge hard on the way down and breaking your body on impact.

Anonymous said...

Today the 26, January 2007
the body of Mr.Gove was found by a local Saban. my condollences go out to the family of Mr.Gove and may he rest in peace.

Deb357 said...

Anonymous said...
Today the 26, January 2007
the body of Mr.Gove was found by a local Saban. my condollences go out to the family of Mr.Gove and may he rest in peace.

Fri Jan 26, 08:28:00 PM EST

Do you have an article that gives this information to confirm your words, please? Or a link I can go too to find it myself? TIA

Deb357 said...

Joel Gove found?
Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 2007-01-28 04:20
Someone posted on another blog site that Joel Gove's body had been found by a Saban local. Is there any truth to this? If so, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.

Note - The poster of this message above is refering to a rather pathetic Hate the Dutch site called arubanboycott.blogspot where an anonymous comment has been posted saying Joel has been found. It has no verifcation and until it does then treat as suspect. We would expect Joel's family and friends who have been coming here for news will be the first to know and will inform us here in their own time if this is the case. There are also readers from Saba and we suspect they will also post a message here too.

Naturally we hope for Joel to be found and for his family and friends to have closure and peace, losing a loved one is never easy. Because the information has no other confirmation please treat it with the caution it deserves.

Don't think so
Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 2007-01-28 18:47
I am a friend of Joel's and heard a first hand account of the search mission that took place last week. One of Joel's longest and best friends was there and went out on the trails with the Merrill crew every day. He said rumors about discoveries (that didn't happen) swirled around the island at the close of every search day. The Merrill team left the island today -- or they were scheduled to -- and we haven't heard that there was a recovery. The dogs did pinpoint the location where the team felt 100% certain Joel is but because of dense vegetation and the treacherous terrain, they haven't been able to locate him.