February 07, 2007


(Source)--Mia Mottley is the Caribbean’s defense secretary. Over the past few months she’s been traversing the region to determine its security readiness prior to the hosting of next month’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

...But damage to the region’s reputation is clearly not restricted only to acts of terrorism, as highlighted by a January 6, 2007 travel bulletin issued for Australian visitors. Caribbean citizens may find themselves to be the greatest threat to hosting “the best world cup ever.” While the regional press corps is often bombarded for reporting on matters of crime in their individual states, foreign journalists and government officials feel no qualms about focusing on the issue.

After several incidents where visitors were attacked by locals, the US and Canada embassies have had to caution their citizens visting islands in the Caribbean.

The Australian authorities are taking a proactive approach. Under the heading Planning your visit to the Cricket World Cup: Safety and Security, Crime they advise:
“In some parts of the Caribbean , violent crime, including armed robbery, kidnapping and murder, is common. Violent crime is often gang-related and perpetrators may be armed. There is also a high rate of petty crime, including pick pocketing and bag snatching. “Walking after dark, including on beaches, can be dangerous due to the increased risk of robbery and assault. Crime, including sexual assault and robbery, has also occurred after travelers have accepted ‘spiked’ food or drink.”

The Aussies have also been advised not to carry large amounts of cash when travelling and to refrain from tempting thieves with expensive watches, jewelry and cameras. Health matters and the visitors from down under have been informed that “the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean is severe.”“HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 44,” reads the bulletin, adding that, “most HIV transmission in the Caribbean region is through heterosexual intercourse.”

Sounds like the phrase, "What happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean" isn't such a good idea after all... "One Nighters" beware...

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