February 06, 2007



Researchers at T4N have exclusively uncovered information that Aruba hired a professional media consultant group headquarted in California by the name of Strategic Media Design Group to begin a campaign to attack the character of Natalee Holloway and her family.

There has been an ongoing battle of political parties in Aruba since the late 80's. The MEP party was founded and led by Betico Croes. Robert Dilella
who presided over the Strategic Media Design Group based in California convinced the MEP Party he could utilize use his company's award winning skills and re-establish the MEP Party in Aruba. When election results were tallied the regain of polical control by the MEP Party surfaced unmistakenly. Dilella had kept his promise.

What was the marketing concept behind the success of his company? It was psychological warfare. Character assinations and scapegoating were two of the tactics that were proven to be more successful. The key was to produce propgaganda lies at such a rate that it created confusion. The confusion would become so mind boggling that evidently people could not discern between a truth and untruth in reference to the politicans and political views.

Eventually no one would know who, what, when or where who said it, why they said it and for what reason they said it. This tactic would eventually change truths into lies and lies into truths. A chain of communication was devised by which to project the dis-information just as the same with how gossip is spread. "Word of Mouth" is an established marketing tactic commonly used in promotion of a product. It can work the same in spreading information or disinformation in target marketing.

In the case of Natalee Ann Holloway. She became the target and so did her family.

DiLella was on scene in Aruba as early as June 11, 2005 only 12 days after Natalee's disappearance.
An Aruban gossip columnist who writes for Bati Bleki at Visitaruba.com named Rona Coster had this to say about DiLella after his June visit.

"Friday, I met Bob DiLella, of Sherwood News, in Aruba, a spin doctor here to help us sort things out. It is parially your fault, he said. When reporters asked you about crime statistics and other serious matters you answered: look at the ocean how blue, and the weather so nice! Issues have to be dealt with, a responsible spokesperson must assume center stage for the purpose of communicating well-packaged information, you must be honest and forthcoming, not just appalled, outraged and confused".

Aruba is not a first for Robert DiLella. He began his career on a part time basis which eventually evolved into full time. Previously Dilella has been involved in political campaigns in other US states such as Tennessee, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Nevada and Virgina.

He then landed the position of "Director" at a South Carolina based advertising and public relations firm by the name of Cook Reuf and Associates (CRA). Advertising and public relations are a speciality of CRA.

Part II

Robert DiLella developed and provided services to politicians and corporations in several southern states while working out of his Washington D.C. office. Those states included New Mexico, Delaware, New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

DiLella then decided to launch his own business into the arena with the start up of Strategic Media Design Group (SMDG) in 1987. Stephen Cohen, Suzanne Dalton and Robert Colella became his partners at the SMDG Group.

Stephen Cohen brought to SMDG experience as a crisis manager and Journalist. Previously he had worked in a high profile news position at CBS, one of the largest broadcasting companies within the U.S.

At the same time Cohen was news director of both WCBS TV and KCBS TV. He continued to climb the corporate ladder to Vice President and General Manager of WCAU TV in Philadelphia.
Electronic journalism became "state of the art" in the media industry. Cohen used his knowledge and skills to develope electronic journalism for some of the top journalist's seen on T.V. today.

Court T.V. is the brainchild of Stephen Cohen. As a visionare he is credited with launching the Court T.V. network. Some of the cases that he has covered include Rodney King, William Kennedy Smith, Michael Jackson, O. J. Simpson, Scott Peterson and many more high profile cases. In the world of politics, the media coverage of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill were covered with live feeds by Court T.V. during their confirmation hearings.

Court T.V. has grown from an idea into a well developed, ever expanding place to turn your dial for instant media and crisis coverage. Recently, it has been announced that a two hour segment documentary will soon be aired on Natalee Holloway.

Stephen Cohen has worked as a consulant for other industries in need of help in the area of image and crisis. His work involving developement of media opportunities in China for investors, opening of new markets for film production in Beijing and created new network cable concepts for emerging media interests have all proven positive results. In Aruba his advice and experience have proven its self. He successfully implemented crisis management and assisted in the creation of a planned approach to protect economic interests while dealing with outside media pressures.

Cohen's background includes three degrees, including a B.S. in Education, a Master’s in Modern History, and an M.A. in Journalism. On numerous occassions he has been cited with awards in journalism that include Emmy’s for excellence in television journalism.

To be continued in Part III


Anonymous said...

You Go! Spiderwoman Michelle! You are the Defender of Little Angel Natalee! You are so powerful and full of emotions shown by your red line explorationaries in the article. Aruba and Holland think their profits and lies trump the human decency and dignity. They have raped their Queen by trashing the Dutch Law. Now the Dutch wants to attack the American Constitution by denying Natalee's justice. You are the only Blog Hero who can save our Nation from the defeat by these foreign and domestic rape drug terrorists.

dennisintn said...

i have always wondered why aruba spokespeople and forums and blogs have tried to destroy natalee and her family's reputation. now i know. even when beth was bragging on the people of aruba for being so very caring and helpful, their newspeople and spokesmen were all ready saying that the family was saying bad things about the island. i've not in almost 2 yrs. heard beth or dave say a bad word about the people of aruba. they have a lot differences with the people in govt. and their lies and misinformation, that's understandable. if aruba ever finds out just how badly their "marketing and public relations" people have totally screwed up perceptions of aruba, there will be lynchings on the vile isle.

Anonymous said...

Spill the beans my friend Michelle.

Aruba is corrupt and this is more
proof of it!

Keep it coming! Great article!

Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Part III!

It's time to expose the truth about the Aruban campaign to attack Natalee and her family!

Anonymous said...

Great Work Keep it up

Michelle said...

Reminder everyone! I did not write this post. I am glad that people enjoyed the post, but it was the group "Truth for Natalee" or "TFN" that collectively researched and wrote the post.

So thank you TFN! I don't want to take credit where it's not due.

Keep it up people! The BOYCOTT momentum is wearing them down. Can't you tell?

BarbW said...

Truth for Natalee" or "TFN" have the BEST research team around.
It's time to expose the truth about the Aruba,and their people.

Jane said...

This is a good article. How interesting. Steve C is dirty.

I would like to know how much DiLella & Cohen were paid by Aruba.

Aruba ran Cohen off real fast after the first Dr Phil show. hahaha

Great work T4N. Ty Michelle for posting this. Let's expose all the liars.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Aruba handled the disappearance of Natalee's case. They hired these idiots to help cover up the truth.

This is an interesting article and very informative.

I look forward to Part III.

Thank you

Deb357 said...

HMmmmm You know, I was wondering...

If Beth and Dave can use this to prove they helped Aruba to cover up the investigation to help save Aruba's (sic) tourism, although it's not working to well, could they have a lawsuit against them? Interesting thought indeed!