February 04, 2007


I just love Fred Taub from Boycott Watch. He knows his stuff and researches instead of pulling facts out of his rear. Read his latest article about the Boycott of Aruba.

Keep on boycotting people!!! We CANNOT GIVE UP!

Read article here


Deb357 said...

The truth always hurts.
...grins wyly...

Anonymous said...

The ArubanBoycott concept is superior and working as a grassroots demoncracy revolution force. The Americans are not coming, and so Aruba lost the main tourism attractions -- the beautiful and sexy American women tourists. Thanks to the Hollywood movies, the American women are the most enticing and tempting sex symbol in the world. I would regard the above statement as a flattery. But that doesn't give the Aruban Dutch the right to drug and rape and murder Natalee. People have identified the Aruban Aloe brand of creams and lotions from the Dutch Outlet malls, and they boycott and not buying them. Many boxes of expired Aruban Dutch products were given to the charities by the stores for proper disposals. The Dutch government are stonewalling the US banks and keep them from foreclosing the Aruba island land properties. The Dutch are thieves and robbers. Boycott Dutch and Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Christ, you Americans are so ignorant it actually physically pains me.

Aruba has nothing to do with the fact that that chick got drunk and fell her stupid ass into the ocean.

Can we please just let it go and move on with our lives.