February 04, 2007


Opposition parties agree to a man: ‘Minister Lee has to resign’

(Source)--ORANJESTAD – AVP as well as RED are of the opinion that minister Ramon Lee (MEP) must resign. AVP is also of the opinion that the Public Prosecutor didn’t act right by not prosecuting Lee, and Rudy Lampe (RED) says that the Catholic Church failed in this.

Demanding a minister to resign is according to Lampe in order. “People must make distinction between two things: has the minister handled incorrectly and with this, aggrieved the community materially, then he must definitely resign; is it a matter that concerns his private life, then it is for him to decide whether he resigns or not.

Lampe cited the Monica Lewinsky case, where the former American President Bill Clinton did not step down ultimately, in spite of having had sexual contact during working hours. “In this case it was a private matter of the president and the deposition procedure was not pursued.”

Lampe is of the opinion that in Lee’s case, the minister has abused his position by having sex with E.L. “This is a matter of courting the favours of a subservient. The victim works for the government and had asked for a transfer. The minister’s first visit to her house is already a matter of sexual contact. In this case, the matter is abuse of power and cannot be compared with the Lewinsky-case."

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1 comment:

Deb357 said...

WTF? Aruba is so messed up in their heads. Don't compare the USA with Aruban Ministers who work for your Government. Arubans are more or less a bunch of corrupted rapist who allow criminals to walk their streets and place all habitents and visitors at risk without a care just to line their pockets. And this includes those from the lowest scum to the highest of courts.

All be it, ex-Pres. Clinton was a disgrace to the USA and our Government, and he should of been kicked out of office. The Pres. of the United States is not above the law but is suppose to be set at a higher standards and set an example to and for the USA.
ex-Pres. Clinton shamed our Government and then not held accountable for his sexual acts and perversion. And lied about it to officials and the courts. He should of been put in jail, at the very least, for perjury and impeached.

But don't dare compare or use this for a (and I might say bad example) justification to rape or commit sexual crimes against someone. Your sorry ass Ministry should be held at a higher standards and set an example. Not take advantage of your position and use it to rape someone. For crying out loud.

Garbage dump is what Aruba is. Someone must of realized there were VanderSloots in Aruba and thought "ditch" was a dump site and placed all the trash there.