February 04, 2007


By Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor

It's worth addressing, because there have been a lot of moronic comments about "What makes Natalee so important? People die every day ... people get killed in Iraq ... if she were black who would care," etc., etc., etc. ad nauseam.

So let's examine the question: why DOES her case deserve attention?

The whole point is: if you don't believe that there is a cover-up by elements of Aruba's government and law enforcement, then the authorities are so incompetent that you take a bigger risk by going there than most people have any idea of.

We're conditioned to think of a "tropical paradise" precisely as that. Look at the ads of the cruise ship companies, the hotels, travel agents, etc. NONE of whom have YOUR interest at heart.

Look at the reality of it. Joel Gove, missing on Saba. The authorities wouldn't put up missing-person posters because it might hurt their tourist image. Now his ex-wife thinks they have located the body ... but she has to raise $75,000 because the authorities won't bother. How does it become her responsibility?

But getting back to Aruba, the reality is that most of us believe there is a cover-up, engaging we're not sure how many people. Two years later, no answers in Natalee's case, and no agreement on what happened.

This from an island 80% dependent on American tourism. THAT'S why this is an important case, not just "another" missing person (a callous attitude in itself, given our belief in "justice for all") and that's why we will continue to say:

No justice for Natalee? No tourists for Aruba.


Anonymous said...

Natalee is important because Joran is cocky and conspiring. Natalee was raped and murdered by Joran, and she could not speak for herself about all Joran's lies. Natalee is our beloved Angel. Joran has gone bad and worst down to the level of Satan. He took Natalee's undergarment and misled her anatomy to the male headmaster and his pervert mother Anita's art class at ISA. Joran made us all Americans feel so humiliated. He robbed Natalee of her virginity and virtues, and tried to defame her. We all regard Natalee is our American daughter. She is important. We will pursue Joran until he is put behind bars.

Deb357 said...

Natalee Hollway has become the poster child of American tourist in the Caribbeans. Because of Natalee Holloway, crimes of cover-up, corruptions, rapist, drug trafficking, money laundering, sex slave trafficking and much more has been uncovered and proven to be real. More so than most even imagined. And knowing this helps for those who travel abroad to know the dangers at their own risk. It has made more Americans and others from other countries in the world to be more cautious in their travels. Especially in the Caribbeans. Natalee Holloway has open a window, no a door, to the unthinkable that so many were not aware of. Wake up people, stop using racism for an excuse or one missing person for an excuse. It's all it takes is one person to make a difference. Just one person.

Anonymous said...

Richard, as usual an excellent post. You are a real trooper and your words are very much on target. Keep up the good work.

Michelle said...

Agreed...Richard has been there with me since day one. He's an excellent individual inside and out. Kudos to you, Richard.

Anonymous said...

coverup is a way of life down there.