April 27, 2007


I have gotten unconfirmed reports that Paulus van der Sloot is currently being questioned by POLICE. It was reported that his home was searched this morning. Is Paulus in big trouble? New evidence found in the home? It was also reported that Joran is being sought in the Netherlands for questioning!

I do not know how valid this rumor is...but if anyone hears anything, or can confirm this information please post a comment so the entire "boycott community" can stay up to date!

From Aruba-Zone.com:

After nearly 2 years of the dissapearance of Natalee Holloway, today in a breaking news we have information that members of the Aruba's police department and KLKP from the Netherlands are searching the house of prime suspect Joran Van Der Sloot in the district of Noord.
A search effort was already made in the first weeks of this case nearly two years ago, however as many have said an entire search of the property was never done. Today, accompanied by the Arubian authorities the members of KLKP are doing a search of the home of Paul Van Der Sloot (father of Joran Van Der Sloot).


Anonymous said...


According to all reports coming out of Aruba, it IS true!

Joran is not in custody yet - but it has been reported that he is to be picked up in the Netherlands.

Home is still being searched as we speak - dogs, technical doodads, tents set up, etc.

Dutch are doing the search, ALE and prosecutor are there.


Anonymous said...

Let's just hope this is an independent and objective search and not just another dog and pony show from Aruba.

Dave and Beth...you are still in my prayers and I do hope this brings some answers.

Anonymous said...

It's good that they are checking out the place. But this crime happened two years ago at this house. Can't imagine there being anything to find.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Paulus tried to call his judge buddy to get the search warrant changed again?

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that anything will be found there? Forget about it. 2 years is more then enough to have gotten rid of anything they wanted to get rid of. If her body was ever there, whatever remains is probably now in the sea along the north coast ro on their famous 'dump'.

Anonymous said...

Joey T just on Greta admitted the following:

1 - no complete search of vd sloot home and property 2 yrs ago, limited to Joran's apartment only.

2 - no forensics done in that first search

3 - no forensics done on the search of Deepak's car.....not even luminol.

Per Joey T

And people really wonder WHY we are boycotting Aruba?????


Anonymous said...

Boycotting Aruba triggered the massive lost sales of Airbus aircrafts around the world. The new Airbus CEO received the advice on the Arubagate is a major factor. The whole EU is alarmed and charge the Netherlands to take corrective actions immediately. The Aruban Boycott works the way it is designed to. The insurance companies are reluctance to underwrite the policies for the A380 based on the Hague Convention under the corrupted Dutch Law.

Anonymous said...

Did Joe T mention that Paulus friend. Was the reason why there wasn't a search on the property