April 02, 2007


Here is an old interview with Paulus Van der Sloot translated by Rammstein @ BFN.

Thanks Ramm...even though you don't like me.


Interview from February 17, 2007

Son Valentijn did not welcome the arrival of me, a journalist. "Dad, haven't you got better things to do on a Sunday afternoon, because there is a chance that you will say things you are going to regret or that everything is going to be twisted and turned around again", that was what Valentijn had just said to his father Paul van der Sloot in a very parentally protective way.

And yes, he too had doubted until the last moment whether or not he should call and cancel. On that internal discussion, that dilemma, he falls back regularly. What to do? Do they as a family try, as normally as possible and far away from the media, to get on with their lives? Or should they speak out? "Perhaps, just perhaps" reasons Van der Sloot sr. as to why he had not canceled, "maybe something positive will come out of all the negative. Maybe people going through something like this themselves will learn from our experiences because crisis-situations are very alike".

But the crisis situation in which the van der Sloot family is in since the Natalee Holloway mysteriously disappeared on May 30th of 2005, is truly very bizarre indeed. The American girl was celebrating a graduation party with her fellow student on "One Happy Island". Van der Sloot was subsequently held for three days on the police station, his son was in jail until early September, because of suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of the American girl.

Now it is quiet around the bungalow in Montana. The sons Valentijn (17) and Sebastian (12) are with friends. Van der Sloots wife Anita is in the Netherlands to support Joran, who is suffering from mono (Mononucleosis), with the release of his book that is due out in April. We too are writing some things down. If you write things down, you have to deal with it it and that is something that we are hard at work to do. You think that writing things down will give it a place. It is difficult get closure on something like this. I hope that the final verdict in the lawsuit for compensation will be something like closure for me.

That is possible now: last week the judge ruled that Paul van der Sloot was indeed held without justification, but he did not award him any compensation for it.

Wouldn't it have been better to release just one book, with all of your stories in it?

"Yes, that would have been something that I would have preferred, but Joran was already in contact with the publisher. He doesn't sugarcoat his actions in the book. It is good that he is doing this, but it also comes with lots of tension for him. For example, How will people react to it? Can he get his message across?"

But that is nothing compared to the fear and the tension of when Joran was arrested.

"All those weeks I was very calm. (??? Calm? Hmmm... What about your excessive sweating? I highly doubt that one, Paul...) You move above the situation so to speak. The situation itself was so bizarre. Almost like being in trance, a sort of state meditation. You keep being able to organize things, and it was indeed very important during that time to be there for each other and to organize things". (To organize a conspiracy, that is...)

Paulus shows us that he's NOT nervous...

How was it to be confined to your house due to a horde of media representatives that had posted themselves outside of your front-door?

"I had been at home from the beginning, I was unable to continue my legal work at the courthouse. With the president of the Court I had agreed that I would take a leave of absence to make sure there was not even the appearance of conflict of interest. (An appearance of conflict of interest? Are you kidding me? This guy needs to quit smoking crack...) Anita did not miss a day of schoolwork at the school she works on. (Of course she didn't because she didn't kill Natalee!) Everyday we went to Joran at the police. A lot of support came from the people where we live, from acquaintances and friends. They tried to shield us from the media-assault. Valentijn and Sebastian went to friends in the States. (Nice refuge for your children...I hope you don't send your sons here anymore. They are not safe...and that's not MY threat. It's hundreds of others!) There they were safely taken in and protected from everything. We had tried from the beginning to always look on the positive side of things. (Like that Beth Twitty would go away? That we, the people, would go away? I don't think so...) The family bond grew stronger and stronger".

Are you filled with feelings of animosity towards the media, the big American stations and the journalists who followed every move you made?

"No, it is more that we wonder: how could this have happened? (Joran is thinking the same thing! "How could this have happened? I did it like 20 times before and nothing went wrong!") And especially sadness and feelings of anger. The journalists we came into contact with, all had their own agendas. They were out for the easy story and failed to do any research". (How about the Aruban police FAILING to do their own research???)

"Especially when Joran got out, it became intense. He, even though we had advised him not to, did not avoid the media. (That is because he is a SOCIOPATH.) He did not really do badly with the interviews, (are you kidding me???) but then it was put through a spin cycle that the end result did not reflect what was said." (That is because his web of lies were completely TRANSPARENT!)

"We had also not realized that it was a hype in the Netherlands too. We were startled by the fact that we were met by a horde of journalists when we arrived at Schiphol. Even now strange things happen. Peter R. de Vries stood on the doorstep of the house without any notification. You are being treated like public property. The media are trying to create an image of good and evil. You see yourself back through the eyes of the media and they portray you a person that is nothing like you. Most people realize that and see through it, others are not able to fully do that and they see that image at least as partly real. It is very difficult to stay authentic." (Rather, you mean it's difficult to be HONEST?)

On the internet you have been completely dissected.. Dozens of pictures of Joran and your entire family. All kinds of details of his and your life. (Sorry to disappoint you Paulus, but Joran already had his PIMP life all laid out on the net before Natalee came along...)

"The internet is a source of information, but also a gutter. Anything is possible, everything is allowed. And the media are open to it, they use things from it. First you are shocked and feel powerless. But is all belongs to this false reality we have rolled into". (YOU are talking about FALSE REALITY? Oh my god...please excuse me while I vomit...)

There were more players in the Holloway case than the media. The Public Prosecution office, the Aruban government and Natalee's parents. (Don't forget YOU and all your co-conspirators and BEST friends!)

The public prosecutions office had a complete tunnel vision and become totally frustrated. The ease with which Joran was badmouthed! The ease with which police officers kept making comments! Police Chief Dompig who goes around saying: ‘The boys are as guilty as hell’. Words that were easily lapped up by the hungry media. Friends of Joran were arrested for no other reason then being a friend of Joran. That of all things hurt me most. In the beginning Joran was not questioned enough, only a few times. If the police had pressed on at that time, Joran would have told the real story much sooner". (So, is that why he sat there covering his ears and singing loudly? Is that why he sat there like a pompous asshole while he was questioned? Smiling and lying?)

"The police was busy with the media, the prosecution office had completely lost the plot. In the beginning I had pleaded with the police to question Joran, to make sure no details would get lost. (Or is it, "to make sure no details got OUT?") It is startling that the Prosecution Office completely lost control of the handing the investigation. (I find it startling that the prosecution didn't even HAVE CONTROL of the investigation!!!) The Prosecution Office's image had become more important than the case itself. Especially Joran's life was very interesting and all kinds of things were completely thrown onto the streets". (Sorry...I don't see the life of a date rapist and one who drugs innocent women as an 'interesting life'...unless one is a psychopath.)

Also by Natalee's parents?

"The first thing that you want to do is give support to the parents. However you look at it, Joran left their daughter on the beach, and for that we feel responsible. (Why would you feel responsible if you are INNOCENT?) A contact like that has not taken place, even though one could have been there for each other. We would have so much wanted to support them. But it was made impossible for us. They got the media involved the very first evening".

"In the end they too got caught in the media web. We really tried to get in touch with them, but they were absolutely not interested in that. They frustrated the investigation (Ummm...I think laying the blame on the victim's parents doesn't impede an investigation. You are just placing the blame on the people who were WRONGED and LIED to!!!) and have been very unfair to Joran and the entire island. (BOO HOO!) As parents of a missing child you get a lot of leeway, but they needlessly hurt a lot of people. And that too, will not bring back their daughter." (Your pity party doesn't sway ANYONE, ok? Your son and his friends NEEDLESSLY hurt a lot of people as well...so did you! And don't forget it!!!)

Still the case keeps surrounded by something. What exactly happened on that beach? Her disappearance remains a mystery.

"As long as it is not exactly clear what happened to her, the case is not done. Joran didn't immediately come out with the real story. (Any why is that? One who is not a liar does not LIE...if he had nothing to hide he would have never LIED!) That is something he now really regrets. (Oh, I'm sure he does! I'm sure he regrets that he didn't come up with a different story...or maybe he regrets that he didn't get rid of Deepak and Satish like he claimed he wanted to!) That he did this is explainable by the fact that Natalee family came on strong towards him from the get go, but it was wrong, and inexcusable. The dutch police is looking at the case now as a 'cold case'. I expect the Prosecution Office will close the dossier in June. But somehow I hope that an independent spirit is still looking into this case and that he will solve the case". (A MURDER does not hold a statute of limitations, Paulus...)

Joran has become a famous (infamous maybe? Along the lines of Scott Peterson...) citizen of the world. Someone googling his name on the net will get 100,000 'hits'. Has that made him feel important? (Oh I'm sure he LOVES it...why else would he write a book and give endless interviews and smile for the camera?)

"Joran wants to live a normal life as a student. But the whole case did have an enormous impact on him. On all kinds of aspects of his life. The normal conflicts you have as a parent of a seventeen year old teen have been made impossible. We think it would be a good thing if he would take a year off and go to Africa to be a volunteer. Then he can truly life anonymously. He, like many other young people in the world, does not know what real poverty is. He can find out what that is in the developing world." (He doesn't know what prison is like either...can he experience that? Becoming a prison bitch would definitely put him in his place and perspective.)

"What hurts a lot has been the character assassination of Joran. All his teenage secrets (SECRETS? They were ALL OVER THE NET before this happened!) were blown out of all proportions and used to from a certain image. But on the whole, he is doing well. He is incredibly strong. He wants to keep studying and has built up a new social life for him. He was really well received by everyone at the school in Arnhem. On that school there are people who did not let the media frenzy influence them and who were willing to give Joran a chance without any hesitation. On the first day of school Joran told his story in class. (My name is Joran...boo hoo...poor me.) Once they tried to get him in the Netherlands. That was our worst fear, that this media frenzy would lead to attacks on him by someone that was mentally unstable. Luckily it did not go any further than some pushing and pulling. (Don't stop looking behind your shoulder JORAN...)

And the father, how is it for him to get back to his life on Aruba?

"When this happened I was in the middle of a change. In 2004-2005 I had been working in Den Bosch as a judge in training for civil court. I had worked very hard there and had learned a lot, but when the end of my training period loomed, I got the feeling that I was not yet ready for being a judge. I have now been working in a small lawyer firm for about a year. (How is your new job NOT a conflict of interest? Working for your son's attorney?) I feel at home there. As a lawyer you are almost like a life-line for the people and I can relate to that, I have experienced how it is on their side."

"I mostly do corporate cases and mediation, but also criminal and civil cases. I have had the experience to see all sides of the legal world. Government, Public Prosecution office, judge and I have also been a suspect. Because of that completely absurd and illogical behavior of the Public Prosecution office, I have had fears for a while at least. Fears like: "Maybe the fools will come and arrest me, Anita or one of the children again". (Fool? Takes one to know one...)

Regardless of everything that has happened, does your future still lie on Aruba?

"We feel a connection to Aruba. We have immediately tried to get on with our life here and to not let us get sidetracked by it. So far we have been doing pretty good on that front. A few times I have had to fend off an annoying American from getting to us. (Those "annoying Americans" are the ones that pay your bills, Paulus...you seem to forget how Aruba makes money. Not only by all their illegal activities, but obviously tourism.) A lot of Arubans support us. (Do they STILL support you, Paulus? After all you and your family did to tarnish the island?) Many Arubans live very pure, have their own life-wisdoms and do not get mislead by the media. Aruba is a tight community with a great feeling of togetherness. In that way all of this negativity that gets heaped on oneself, at some point becomes the starting point for beautiful new experiences."


Anonymous said...

Michelle, of course he isn't gonna like you. You are exposing Aruba for what it really is. And showing how corrupt the gov't and police force are in Aruba. Why would he like you? Consider that a good thing. That means are doing what you set out to do here.

Anonymous said...

We think it would be a good thing if he would take a year off and go to Africa to be a volunteer
I would recommend the Sudan.

Anonymous said...

Why not boycott Alabama then? Aren't there over 1,000 people missing there?

Michelle said...

As always, you have missed the POINT. It's not the point that Natalee went missing. It's the point that the police, the suspects, the government, the prosecutors office, friends, etc. COVERED IT UP and LIED.

I highly doubt that police, the government, the prosecutor, etc. investigating a missing person in Alabama would have anything to do with a cover-up conspiracy. Alabama has no money to lose. Aruba does.

Please learn how to make a correct analogy. Everytime I hear "Why don't you look for the missing people in Alabama?", I want to bitch slap that person because they STILL DON'T HAVE A CLUE as to WHY we are BOYCOTTING!

Anonymous said...

You certainly do make a lot of assumptions Michelle....

Michelle said...

What assumptions? The same assumptions that hundreds of others have?

If I am assuming and I turn out to be wrong, I will be the first to admit it. Otherwise I will assume all I want.

Anonymous said...

Why not boycott Alabama then? Aren't there over 1,000 people missing there?


Natalee Holloway did not go missing in Alabama, she went missing in Aruba. That is why the boycott is against Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Nice shirt and watch on the Sweaty Sloot...where have I seen them before?....hmmmm..oh yeah...on the picture of him at the casino talking to Natalee....Sloots....ya'll need to change clothes once in while and perhaps you could avoid suspicion...duh...