April 02, 2007



I want to clear things up a bit from my last posting. I was very tired and had just gotten home when I posted.

The robbery happened Thursday night shortly after midnight. We were staying in the Villa Alexandra. We flew home on Friday afternoon on Delta. Half of our group was awake. Three adults and all 6 kids were sleeping.

6 of us adults were enjoying our last night with a few cocktails and listening to the basketball games. We were sitting on the veranda with all the outside lights on. The lights in the pool were even still on, since we let the kids stay up until 10 pm swimming. When one of the adults, who had two kids sleeping in their room, right below the veranda, was awakened by someone grabbing their belongings from off the nightstand next to the bed she was sleeping in. The person bolted out of the room. She was stunned and probably in shock and didn't make it to the door to yell for help until he had been gone for a full minute. Once he ran he headed north toward the pubic beach. Two of us guys headed the same direction down the beach. One of us headed up the driveway and then down the street to the beach.

When running down the street a white pick up flashed past and turned into the parking lot for the beach. With in seconds it turned around and headed back toward the high rise area. As it pasted our guy it turned on the high beams in his face. As soon as it pasted him by it shut off it's lights until it was out of sight.

When us three guys got back to the house we were informed that the other bedroom had also been roobed. The police were called by the time any of us guys made it off the property. They took almost a full hour to show up. They did nothing more than take our statements and tell us to pick up a copy of the report in the morning. There were 4 officers in all two never entered the house and stayed in the driveway talking to a couple of us guys. They stayed around for a total of 20 to 30 minutes.

When we picked up our copy of the report it was incorrect and didn't have all the items that were taken on it. We were told it could not be changed even if it was not complete. It felt like since they knew we were leaving in a few hours that they really just didn't care.

The biggest problem I have is the boldness of the whole thing. This all happened while we were awake and clearly visable. Walking into a rooom where people are sleeping takes a big set. Crime happens everywhere we all know that, that isn't my complaint. It was the lack of response and a general lack of police presents on the island. We take a trip with the whole family every other year and are always careful to lock everything up. Never thought we would need to lock the bedroom door when one adult is still up and only 6 feet away from it. We have done this on many trips. We do this at home when sitting on the deck in the back yard, Front door locked back door open. This was not an issue of us not being careful.

Now the issue I have with a few of you on this message board is why do people go straight to "it's a made up story"? I thought it was set up to share info. I got some great info from this board. When I posted a very scary, very real problem on the island that I experienced first hand I get attacked and pretty much called a liar.

Come on people there is no perfect place on earth. There might be places that some of us think are close. Sorry I just don't think Aruba is one of them. This was a very bad situation. Think if the robber had gone into a room where your kids were sleeping with your wife, while you were sitting directly above them, and took your jewlery, wallet, laptop, etc.

I was planning on posting our trip report about all the great things we did. Because we did have a lot of fun and enjoyed a number of things. I just wanted to let everyone know safety is an issue on this island. After some of you atacked me, I'm not sure I will ever post here again. To those of you who gave me some great info thank you very much. To those negitive people sorry you have nothing better to do then attack others.



Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the robbery. But you did the right thing in posting your report so as to serve as a warning to others. As for those who criticize you saying that you made the story up I hope they go to Aruba themselves to see and experience what its' like firsthand. Maybe once they also become crime victims they will not be so quick to criticize others.

UniversalTruthSeeker said...

Arubans don't care about stolen people, so why would they care about stolen property. Now, we should steal their livelihood by boycotting Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The robbery operations in Aruba is on 24/7 and 3 shifts rotations. Many robbers might be retired or discharged ALE members. The ALE accept the cuts and bribes, and will stage some phony investigations. They will ask the American tourists for the overtime pay. The Dutch law views that as a normal procedure of bbo levy passed by the Aruban government. The ALE can only use their resources to protect the Arubans, but not the American tourists. The daylight robbery is preferred because the retired ALE know the area and can help the robbers to flee easily. Sometimes they even forced the American tourists to undress and took their clothings and money out of the front door. The American tourists were to frightened and embarassed to call the ALE. Since Joran can get away with rape and murder so easily in Aruba, every Aruban now knows how to rob and intindate the American tourists. Aruba is truely a hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is in despair and and self denial because of the failing tourists economy. The hotel rooms reservation haven't pick up speed even after millions of shark loans money were spent in the US travel shows. No Body No Case logo puts a curse on the whole ratpile island. The Arubans vent their anger and frustrations on the few remaining diehard American timeshare tourists by stealing and robbering. They will also rape and canibalise any American young female tourist. They are food and sex hungry and starving. The Arubans don't care anymore about the number of American tourists. They just care about themselves. The Dutch law is very selfish and cruel by nature, even Ramm agrees with it without any proof.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry everyone. That NEW top cop in Aruba is on the job. He will break this case soon. HeHeHe

marlaine said...

Be glad you and your family are not dead. Obviously it is a third world country at best. There is too much disparity between the "haves" and "have nots." Next time go to Elbow Cay.