May 03, 2007


KRALENDIJK – The bureau aids to victims at the police station in Amboina is officially open since last week Friday. Sherlutska Martinus, director of the bureau, explained that the bureau aids to victims in Bonaire comes directly under the police corps.

The bureau focuses on offering aid to victims of delinquencies. “For years, the police have only been working on catching scoundrels. The time has come now to also pay attention to the victims; to help them so that they deal with what they have gone through and can go on with their lives in an as normal manner as possible”, said Martinus.

“Most victims want to talk about what they went through. When that happens, we give them emotional support. They get the chance to say what they have felt exactly and what impact the delict had on them. There are victims that also need practical support. Others need judicial advice. Thus what the bureau does is give emotional, practical, and judicial support.” (Let's see how they handle that one...I believe this is a ploy to assure tourists that if something should happen to them, they will come to their rescue and 'make it all better''s a fake effort.)

Martinus says that in most cases, the victims need emotional support. In order to prepare them for the work, an intensive training has been organized for the volunteers of the bureau aids to victims. A total of 9 persons have reported themselves as volunteers. They received this special training in Breda, the Netherlands. They have learned how to take care of the victims and how to conduct certain conversations. The bureau is very pleased with these volunteers. “We are convinced that the aid that these volunteers will offer the victims is of high quality”, said Sherlutska Martinus. (We'll see about that...)

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Anonymous said...

The police stations in Antiles sometimes carried out some illegal sex transactions in their prisons. The bureau aids victimized the women and forced them into prostitutions to set their bails. Most of them were local Aruban females recently fled from Aruba from starvation and abuses by the Oduber government.