May 31, 2007


Watch Greta's interview with Beth Twitty last night on FOX.

GRETA: Do you have any contact with the current prosecutor?

BETH: No I don't...and of course John Kelly has been communicating with them, and I think over the last couple of weeks things have picked up somewhat in the communicative process from the Justice officials in Aruba. It's been a long time forthcoming, but I think it's picked up lately.

The Kalpoe Lawsuit

John Q. Kelly is in California to argue part of the suit against the Kalpoe's on Friday (June 1).


Michelle said...

Don't you just love how Greta is so tactful? "So, how does it feel two years later?"

What is Beth supposed to feel? Over it? CMON GRETA! You need a lesson in compassion and less REPORTER.

Anonymous said...

So tactful is the Deceiver. The Asian American judge wondered why he kept hearing all these he said only J2K beached stories. His Honorable wants to hear the voice of the victim Natalee family under the provision and compassion aforded by our US Constition. Greta is a twisted mind never learns her lesson. Her rating is nosediving.

Anonymous said...

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