May 15, 2007


This is a very confusing story. Maybe it lost something in translation. First it's a NO TOLERANCE policy, then there are EXCEPTIONS. How conveinent for the Dutch! Should any of us be one bit surprised? Maybe this theory goes with the same BS as "witnesses can lie, but suspects can't" rule in Aruba.

Military men caught with drugs are immediately returned

WILLEMSTAD – While stationed in the Antilles and Aruba, Dutch military persons, who for the first time are caught with drugs are immediately returned to the Netherlands. There has been a no tolerance policy on the island for years already, where on just a suspicion of being involved with drugs, a military and his/her family members are sent back, says a navy-spokesperson in Curacao.

Secretary of state Cees van der Knaap (Defence, CDA ) has adjusted the drug policy, because it is different for the Army, for the Navy, and for the Air Force.
(What does that mean? Some drugs are ok and others aren't?) There is now just one rule for the entire armed forces. Defence basically does not (what happened to the "no tolerance" rule?) tolerate the use or possession of drugs.

The rule of conduct also includes that when a military (stationed in the Netherlands) is caught with soft drugs for his/her private use
and is not using it during work hours (but using it during work hours is ok? LOL.), in the barracks, or in a team, he/she receives a written warning; (There they go again with that "no tolerance"!) next time, Defence recommends him/her for discharge. If the person is a military policeman/woman, he/she will be immediately discharged.

Due to the fact that the defence division functions as the police organization of the armed forces, a member of the Royal MP is discharged immediately. For civilian personnel of Defence, the use- or possession of drugs can be considered as neglect of duty if it impedes the functioning or harms the image of Defence. In that case, a suitable sanction can be imposed.


Anonymous said...

They have to be wishy washy on the rules. Otherwise they wouldn't have ANYONE in the military

Anonymous said...

The Dutch militia considered drungs are perks, and they also had prostitute nurses come along as their incentives. The Dutch never amount to anything, they are cowards and cheaters.